Historic Rabbinic Ban: It Is Prohibited to Vote for Pro-Homosexual Politians


Sunday May 24th, 2009 , an Emergency Conclave of the "Rabbinical Alliance of America" banned voting, supporting or honoring any politicians who support the homosexual agenda. Spokesman Rabbi Yehuda Levin appealed to Jewish Orthodox organizations, Agudath Israel, OU, etc., to join in the ban. Similarly, the Rabbis of appealed to Christian denominations such as: "The Southern Baptist Convention", "The National Catholic Conference of Bishops" and Pope Benedict to issue similar bans.


Sen. Joe Liberman Betrayer of Orthodox Judaism

Sen. Lieberman's craven support of all things homosexual reaches a new low as he jumps to head of the class to sponsor federal legislation providing full marriage benefits to all partners of homosexual federal workers.

Rabbi Appeals to Catholic Bishops

In light of the move by Notre Dame to honor President Obama despite his fanatical support of the most extreme abortion agenda ( including partial birth abortion and withholding medical care for the survivor of a botched abortion ) and his embrace of the homosexual agenda including marriage, Rabbi Levin calls upon Catholic Bishops to condemn Notre Dame and defend the values that are so sacred to million s of the faithful.

How a Rabbi Closed House Of Immorality (Plato's Retreat)

Because a new documentory "American Swing" tells the story of Larry Levinson and the notorious Plato's Retreat which encouraged  adultery and immorality, Rabbi Levin weighs in with the rest of the story.