Rabbi Levin: Hurricane: Global Warming or G-d’s Warning?


For Immediate Release
                                                                                                Nov. 2, 2012
                                                                                                Contact: Rabbi Yehuda Levin

Rabbi Levin: Hurricane: Global Warming or G-d’s Warning?

            Tens of billions in losses, 50 dead, scientists say that Sandy is the worst N.Y. hurricane in 800 years!  Some insurance policies still call this kind of occurance an ACT OF G-D. But where are our religio-conservative leaders to interpret what’s happening?

            Remember when Dr. Falwell and Dr. Pat Robertson attributed 9/11 to the homosexual agenda and abortion?  Guess our leaders have a huge problem doing that now.
            After all, the dirty secret they don’t tell us is that Romney supports homosexual adoption and Boy Scout leaders, homosexualization of the military, “domestic partnerships”/civil unions, homosexual K-12 mandated school curricula, homosexual youth day proclaimations, $50 taxpayer funded abortion in Massachussetts, and the list goes on. (Google Romney Deception and MassResistance.com).

            Here’s a question for Billy and Franklin Graham and all the religio-conservative leadership:
            Would your grandparents have ever dreamed of voting for Romney, if they had been aware of his atrocious pro-homosexual, pro-abortion record?  So has G-d changed?  Why aren’t you letting your followers know the truth?

            Here’s a traditional Jewish/Torah approach to the hurricane and the election:
1-G-d multitasks.  There are probably various reasons for the hurricane.  Each person should repent for his/her personal shortcomings.
2-Days after same gender marriage began in New York, we were hit by Hurricane Irene.  Days before the national election, (no significant repentance in NY or anywhere in the US,) Hurricane Sandy hits, further damaging our fragile economy.  In 2 days:  An earthquake in California, an “almost” tsunami in Alaska, Hawaii and Hurricane Sandy in the East.  Sleep on…
3-Daily, millions of Jews recite Psalms 147 & 148: (147)”He who dispatches His utterance earthward; how swiftly His Commandment runs! He who gives snow…scatters frost…hurls His ice…before His cold, who can stand?...He blows His wind…the water flows…”
(148) ‘He issued a decree, that will not change.  Praise G-d from the earth, sea giants and all the watery depths.  Fire & hail, snow & vapor, STORMY WIND FULFILLING HIS WORD!”

            History repeats itself.  (Genesis 6:11-12) The flood of Noah: And the earth was corrupted (liscentiousness) before G-d…And G-d saw…all flesh had perverted its way on the earth.”  Heterosexual excesses and homosexual misbehavior and unions (and thievery) were the final causes of the Flood.

            What should G-d fearing people do?

  1. Repent personal and communal transgressions.
  2. Defeat pro-homosexual union legislation and referenda especially in the states of Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.
  3. Do not vote for any candidate who supports an anti-G-d or anti-family agenda or legislation.

      If Obama wins and the Senate is Republican, they can act as a strong loyal opposition, hindering much of the Obama agenda.  However, if Romney (a wolf in sheep’s clothing) wins, even a Republican Congress will not significantly oppose Romney’s anti-family efforts.  The results would be morally and spiritually catastrophic.  It could be the end of the religio-conservative movement!

  1. Urge your conservative and religious leaders to speak out and lead!

Forward this statement to your e-mail lists and urge them to do the same.  We must defend His values.

            Rabbi Levin is available for interviews, etc., except for the Sabbath: Fri 5 PM-Sat 7PM EST.

            Over the last 3 decades, Rabbi Yehuda Levin has addressed the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.  Levin ran for Mayor of New York in 1985 and has often represented the Union of Orthodox Rabbis and the Rabbinical Alliance of America, though he is not doing so for this op-ed.


My Cup Runneth Over -Rabbi Levin's Song For Rosh Hashana/New Year



Leading Orthodox rabbi slams Jewish Conservatives’ gay ‘marriage’ vote



Tue Jun 05, 2012 15:21 ESTComments (22)Tags: Gay Marriage, Judaism, Yehuda Levin

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) — After leaders in the Conservative Jewish community voted to officially endorse gay marriage rituals, one leading Orthodox rabbi has said the move is “depraved” and “turning everything holy on its head.”

Last week, guidelines for performing same-sex “marriages” were voted on by the Jewish Conservatives’ highest legal body, the Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards. The guidelines passed in a 13-0 vote, with one rabbi abstaining.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin

“We acknowledge that these partnerships are distinct from those discussed in the Talmud as ’according to the law of Moses and Israel,’ but we celebrate them with the same sense of holiness and joy as that expressed in heterosexual marriages,” the approved document says.

The approval by the Conservative branch of Judaism in the United States of gay unions follows on the prior support of the Reform and Reconstructionist branches.
But Rabbi Levin—an Orthodox Jewish leader who often functions as a spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the U.S. and Canada—told LifeSiteNews that he is ashamed of the “depravity” and “total cravenness” of the vote.

The decision of the Rabbinical Assembly, Rabbi Levin said, reveals that “the ultra liberal Jewish crazies - who have long since abandoned any semblance of their great grand-fathers’ religion - pursue every political zeitgeist and have to run to get in front of the wagon as it hurtles down towards Sodom.”

The new guidelines allow for two kinds of gay wedding, as well as outline stipulations on homosexual divorce. To Rabbi Levin, the fact that any kind of gay union should be endorsed in the name of Judaism, in unconscionable. “Even pagans in ancient times realized how inappropriate same-gender marriage was,” he declared.

According to the Rabbinical Assembly’s website, homosexual rabbinical students helped to draft the new guidelines. “As treasured members of our community,” states the Rabbinical Assembly’s website, “they are most directly affected by the proposed new liturgy and we sought their guidance.” http://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/story/grappling-tradition

“We normal religious people have to see from all this craziness,” said Rabbi Levin, “that He [God] is sending us a message to look at ‘them’—the liberal crazies—and redouble our spiritual efforts to do proactively, loudly, and clearly, just the opposite.”
Originally posted on LifeSiteNews


Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally -- Huntsville, Alabama -- June 8, 2012

Part 1

Part 2

Chillul Hashem by Touro


Dear Editor:
 I am writing to convey my utter dismay and disillusionment with Touro College for selecting Judge Judith Kaye as its June 4th Commencement Speaker.  Judge Kaye officiated at a high profile same gender marriage this past weekend involving NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.  Furthermore, she was instrumental while on the bench, in actively setting the legal groundwork for the eventual passage of the N.Y.S. same gender marriage law.
While on the bench of the New York State Court of Appeals, and presiding as Chief Judge, Judith Kaye was a key decisor in the case of Levin vs. Yeshiva University which ultimately forcedAlbert Einstein Medical School to admit same gender couples into its marital dormitory.  Judge Kaye even went so far as to write her own concurring opinion in that case in which she expressed the idea that the maintenance of separate dormitories for married couples could, by itself, constitute “discrimination”(!!).
In my estimation, it constitutes a grave Chillul Hashem for a Jewish institution such as Touro which touts its Torah values, Rabbeim and Bais Medrash system, to select as commencement speaker, Judith Kaye, whose values and persona are antithetical to the basic Torah precepts of kedusha.  This trespass is all the more egregious when one factors in that the graduates and their families may be predominantly Orthodox. This should be all the more self evident at this late stage of the devolving culture.
 Educational institutions such as Touro who cater to Orthodox students are ethically bound to carefully discriminate as to who they permit to inspire their students.  Touro must be cognizant that many within and without of the Orthodox community will infer that the Torah community couldn’t care a whit about the issue of same gender marriage and all the attendant issues of this nefarious agenda (i.e. adoption, education, the military, etc.). 
After all, this isn’t a politician to whom some will still mistakenly claim we “owe” something and thus we must countenance honoring them.  There must be hundreds of success stories in our community who could be appropriate commencement speakers; men who represent the finest of Torah Im Derech Eretz, and who would be appropriate role models.  Doesn’t Touro’s choice of Judith Kaye act as a non-verbal communication that she is somehow “kosher” as even a “partial” role model? To this I protest and declare: Chas V’shalom! In Yiddishkeit, we don’t bifurcate like this.  Half kosher is entirely “treif”!
(It may also be questioned as to why a Torah men’s Bais Medrash/College audience must be addressed from the podium by a woman b’chlal?  I’m not getting into the halacha aspect, I’m questioning why this is necessary.)
I don’t believe that the late Dr. Bernard Lander a”h would have taken such an insensitive and anti-Torah action.  If he did, he would surely have apologized to the Torah community.  I hope the current leadership of Touro will do the same.  As for me, my attitude towards Touro will certainly be: respect but suspect.
                                                                                                       With Sadness,
                                                                                                                 Rabbi Yehuda Levin
                                                                                                       Rav, Kehilas Mevakshai Hashem
                                                                                                        Spokesman of Torah Values
                                                                                                        Igud Harabonim/Rabbinical Allianceof America


(1998) Rabbi Yehuda Levin electrifies the multitude at the 25th March for Life


With the following words, the Brooklyn pro-life leader challenges "Mr. President" Clinton -- and fellow religious leaders as well
Washington, DC (January 22, 1998)     My grandfather was persecuted in Czarist Russia! My in-laws were in concentration camps! And here I am, a single Orthodox Jew allowed to speak to millions of pro-life Americans. God bless America!
I’m here with five of my children. At any time now we’re expecting our ninth child, God willing. [cheers and applause] Thank you!
Mr. President, as an Orthodox Jew I have the deepest respect for the Presidency. But from this podium, I told you that you would be held accountable. On the 25th anniversary of Roe versus Wade I remind you that it is not merely a coincidence that episodes of Watergate and tapes seem to be repeating themselves a quarter of a century later. It is not merely a coincidence that the Jones deposition and the latest intern scandal occured in the very shadows of the 25th anniversary of Roe versus Wade. God has demonstrated manifestly that immoral behavior leads to cheapening of life and cheapening of life leads to immoral behavior.
Mr. President, the partial-birth abortion murder is nothing new. Pharaoh in Egypt in the book of Exodus ordered the Jewish midwives to partially deliver Jewish babies and if they were male to murder them. Pharaoh! -- I mean, Mr. President Clinton! The Jewish women rejected Pharaoh then and we won’t listen now!
President Clinton! Please inhale NOW and declare: I’ve been wrong on issues of life and morality! I’ve been wrong!
President Clinton! President Clinton, for once lead the country in the direction of respect for life, for God ordained life and morality.
President Clinton! Moses said to Pharaoh, "Let my people go!" And we say to you today: Let our children grow! Let our children live!
Mr. President, my fellow American, these scandals afford you an opportunity to become one of the leading political figures of the American landscape. As surely as religious Americans have been forgiving and welcoming to Dr. Nathanson and Norma McCorvey and others who have turned around on issues of life and morality, America would welcome you Mr. President, if on this very day you were to pull together many of the religious leaders that are here today. Go in front of the microphones, Mr. President. Take responsibility for your personal actions, and your actions on the abortion issue, announcing you wish to dedicate your remaining term to lead a revival, a return to morality and life values. Overnight, Mr. President, you would gain the support of the overwhelming majority of Americans who thirst for moral and political leadership.
President Clinton, find the inner moral fortitude to take this step now for your country and for God Almighty.
To the religious leaders I say we are not entirely innocent of brazen politicians who promote anti-life immorality and still have access to our religious institutions: WE STILL HONOR THEM! We, so to speak, turn the other cheek, emboldening them to persist in their promotion of even sodomy and partial-birth abortion. Our president--the politicians--must be held accountable by us. Let us take an example from Cardinal O’Conner and Bishop Tindlan who prohibited pro-abortion politicians from addressing diocesan events. We must draw a line in the sand and act as religious LEADERS, not as diplomatic politicians, if we want the thirsty flock to be religious followers.
Finally to our friends and allies in the political arena: A woman can’t be a little bit pregnant, and we can’t compromise a little by funding pro-partial-birth murder candidates. If it’s good for the party politics, that’s not enough. We must ask ourselves if GOD would compromise so that we could have more gains in Congress. Would God compromise?
I dare say God would say leave the victory to me, just don’t compromise and do what’s right.
President and Mrs. Clinton! Come back to us today. We’ll leave the light on for you!
We’ll lift our horn of life, to welcome your return!
Thank you, and God bless!
 Transcribed by Tim Broderick


March For Life 2004 Speech


In memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Message to Y Love



Immediate Release: Dr. Fallwell don't kosher Homosexualist Romney the great "mittagator"


​For Immediate Release
​May 10, 2012
​Contact: Rabbi Yehuda Levin
​               718-569-8438

Rabbi Levin Appeals to Dr. Jerry Fallwell Jr:
“Don’t (You Can’t) Kosher the Political Godfather of Same Gender Marriage, The “Great Mittagator” Mitt Romney”

Issues “Alternative” Commencement Video Address
Beware! Danger! Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!
Q: Why does Romney think his latest flip flop/midnight “conversion”/pandering to the religious right to now “oppose” civil unions-“mittigates” a 15 year record of supporting the gamut of the radical homosexual agenda?  Does he take religious people for fools-“the Great Mittigator”?

Dear Dr. Fallwell,

​Although we are not acquainted, I knew, visited and worked with your father.  In around 1987, he requested my approbation, which appears on the bookjacket of his prolife tome, “If I Should Die Before I Wake”.

​Thus I am deeply saddened by your inviting the dangerous homosexualist Mitt Romney to address thousands of your deeply religious students at their most special graduation day.  Since it is on Sabbath, I can’t attend personally so I’ve prepared a video-an alternative Torah values commencement address-for you, your students and guests.  I hope you will honor the Torah values of my community, the work I did with your father over the years(i.e. we sat together in Alabama to support Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore, for over 30 years I addressed the Annual March for Life, etc.)  and your father’s memory, by viewing this video and encouraging the graduates to see it (perhaps you can show it!) so they will be educated as to both Romney’s true pro-radical homosexual agenda/record as well as to understand our current moral situation.

​How shocking it is that in contrast to your great father, who founded the Moral Majority in ’79 and would have surely been on the side of the majority of Carolinians and courageous Colorado lawmakers who rejected even homosexual unions, you and many other conservative and religious leaders allow yourselves to be used by homosexualist Romney to gain access to the purest amongst our society; the Remnant.

​Dr. Fallwell, before you, Dr. Land, Rev. Pat Roberston and too many others capitulated/surrendered and agreed to donate your names, your reputation and your millions of faithful followers to the Romney campaign, did you check the massresistance.com website or read the 600 page annotated book, The Romney Deception, by Amy Contrada, which catalogues one and a half decades of unceasing dedication by Mitt Romney to all aspects of the radical homosexual agenda?

​From his letter “pledge” to outdo Senator Ted Kennedy in his fealty to all things homosexual, to his Homosexual Youth Pride Proclamations, to his support of open homosexuals/homosexuality in the military and his support of de facto homosexual marriage(civil unions) (until today, May 9, when the Great “Mittigator” performs his latest flip flop!)  What about his forcing Catholic Charities to place children with homosexual couples, threatening clerks if they wouldn’t perform “marriages”, his supporting homosexual Scoutmasters and boosting the budget for homosexual bi- and transgendered school curricula beginning in Kindergarten.  Is Romney renouncing this whole list, or are all these things “kosher”? Do you give the “Mittigator” a pass?

​Governor Romney could have legally/constitutionally ignored the court’s powergrab and fought against the imposition of marriage but he kept his promise, consistently betrayed his own religion and is now on the precipice of duping your innocent graduates and many millions of the religious Remnant.

​Dr. Jerry Fallwell founded the Moral Majority but now we are truly a leaderless Remnant – under onslaught by the moral Darwinists. We have in 3 decades morphed into a moral minority!

​Dr. Fallwell, you and the Evangelical leadership are now G-d’s men of the hour.  Will you disappoint Him and compromise on the severity of adultery?  Surely not!  So, why compromise on the radical homosexual agenda?  We are spiritually at the tipping point.  History will surely record your response!

  • ) I call upon you to preach purity to power on May 12.  Distribute a full record of Romney’s homosexual agenda including his boasting on Jan. 8, 2012, of appointing open homosexuals (meaning activists) to the Massachussetts Courts and his Cabinet and his pledge to continue to do so.
  • ) Speak up for specific G-dly values on May 12.  Reject the Romney agenda.
  • ) Go to Rabbilevin.com, let your students and followers see the unvarnished truth.
  • ) Christians and Jews were once thrown in the lion’s den, can we no longer sacrifice for Him.  Let us not compromise with the false concept of “the lesser of the two evils”.

​A wolf in sheep’s clothing who pacifies the Remnant and continues to promote even a ¾ evil agenda with no more loyal Conservative Republican opposition in Congress is more dangerous than Obama with a Congressional loyal opposition.

Please do the right thing!

​For His Total Torah Values with NO ​compromise,

​Rabbi Yehuda Levin

Please e-mail this to your e-mail list!
​Rabbi Levin is available for media & personal appearances nationwide to expose 15 years of Romney’s support of the radical homosexual agenda.  Call 718-569-8438


Rabbi Levin's "Alternative" Commencement Address To Liberty University & Religious Remnant


Expressing great sadness that Dr. Jerry Fallwell, Jr. invited presidential candidate, radical homosexual agenda advancer, Mitt Romney to Liberty University's graduation ceremony, Rabbi Levin issued an "alternative" address. Outlining Romney's record as the "political godfather" of same gender marriage. The Rabbi urges Fallwell, his students and the religious remnant to reject Romney and stand up for His eternal Torah family values!


To Gingrich /Santorum : Don't Betray Your Supporters/Religion/God by Endorsing Homosexualist


Rabbi Yehuda Levin urges Gingrich & Santorum not to betray their millions of religious social conservatives as well as their many donors,but more importantly their religion & their G-d by endorsing the political godfather of homosexual marriage, the dangerous homosexualist Gov. Romney.

To Homosexualist Romney: Its Not Just The Economy:, & we are Not Stupid!


Rabbi Yehuda Levin calls out Romney as a dangerous homosexualist whose record of 15 years shows an unceasing support for the entire homosexual agenda including domestic partnership which is defacto homosexual marriage. Levin calls Romney the political godfather of homosexual marriage ; who because he 'piously " masquerades as a conservative 7 religious family man while constantly advancing the entire gamut of the radical anti-religious anti family agenda, is actually more dangerous than Obama and should be passed over at the ballot box !


Rabbi Levin To The REMNANT:Defeat Homosexualist Romney


Rabbi Levin urges theRemnant to reject Romney & let the 2 Houses of Congress act as a loyal opposition to Obama. Do not embrace Romney which means accepting his  support of everything on the homosexual agenda short of marriage.
   This spiritual stragety is the best insurance policy for pure children & grandchildren.

Evangelical Leaders Drs. Land & Falwell: Oppose Homosexualist Romney !


Evangelicals Dr. Land, Rev. Robertson : Prove Romney Isn't THE FATHER OF HOMOSEXUAL Marriage


Rabbi Levin: Cardinal Dolan, USCCB Challenge Romney's Pro Homosexual Agenda!


Rabbi Levin urges tCardinal Dolan & the USCCB to research Romney's long record of total support of the militant homosexual agenda, inform the faithful of the true facts & challenge /criticise Romney NOW; not after the election when its too late.




 Rabbi Yehuda Levin who back in late December branded Gov. Romney  A dangerous homosexualist for his total  active support of the militant homosexual agenda (see Amy Contrada"s 600 plus page book: The Romney Deception, as well as loads of documentation on the MASSRESISTANCE website) now addresses the election. 
                            Rabbi Levin makes the point that it is far more acceptable religiously , spiritually & morally not to vote for Romney & have a loyal  opposition,G-D willing,in the Senate & the House, which would energeticly thwart Obama & his agenda as they move towards midterm elections ,than to compromise with the anti G-dly values of homosexualist Gov. Romney. Levin buttresses his point by citing Republican " conservative "  N.Y.Gov. George Pataki who was able to advance the militant homosexual agenda in ways that his very liberal predecessor Mario Coumo was unable to do;because he was the top Republican & both silenced & arm twisted his own people like State senate leader the disgracefull Joseph Bruno.


Rabbi Electrifies NY Religious Liberty Rally


At Scores of Rallies, Thousands Hear Calls to Restore Constitutional Right to Religious Liberty (5580) Stand Up for Religious Freedom marks second anniversary of Obamacare with peaceful, impassioned demonstrations against HHS contraceptive mandate. Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/at-scores-of-rallies-thousands-hear-calls-to-restore-constitutional-right-t/#ixzz1qG6092VH New York City’s rally drew as many as 1,000 to Federal Hall on Wall Street. Cardinal Dolan’s letter to attendees noted the symbolism of the site. George Washington, described by the cardinal as one of the great defenders of religious liberty and whose statue dominates the steps, was inaugurated at Federal Hall in 1789. New York was the nation’s first capital. Speakers included Alveda King, the late Martin Luther King’s niece, civil-rights activist and self-described “pro-life warrior”; Rabbi Yehudah Levin of the Rabbinical Alliance of America; Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/at-scores-of-rallies-thousands-hear-calls-to-restore-constitutional-right-t/#ixzz1qG5iWTSf National Catholic Register


Leading Rabbi pleads with Christian leaders to fight abortion and gay agenda in Holy Land


March 23, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Rabbi Yehuda Levin, an Orthodox Jewish leader who often functions as a spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the U.S. and Canada, is calling on Christian leaders to take a more active role in defending Israel from pro-abortion and homosexual activist ideology.
In a recent interview with LifeSiteNews.com he spoke of “Christian Zionists” who support the state of Israel politically and even economically. Levin said that they are ignoring spiritual issues of great importance in what both Jews and Christians refer to as the Holy Land, including the mass murder of the unborn, as well as the “homosexualization” of Israeli culture.
“The Christians do not understand, the American Christian community of tens of millions, they don’t understand their power,” Levin told LSN. “When they tour Israel and they meet with government officials, when they are taken to holy sites, they should be clamoring and expressing in their leaders, the leaders of the Christians here in America, should be clamoring and speaking out against abortion, against the tens of thousands of abortions, against the homosexualization of the Holy Land, against all of this immoral craziness, and they could absolutely have an effect.”
Although a minority of more traditional Jews oppose these trends, said Levin, they are generally mistreated by a secularized majority, and are receiving little support from other religious groups who share their values.
“While there are tremendously devout people in Israel, Hasidic people, what is referred to as ultra- Orthodox, on the other end of the spectrum, among the irreligious Israelis, we see an eagerness, to embrace Madonna, to embrace Michael Jackson, to embrace all the craziness, and it saddens me that the Christian, so-called Christian Zionists, whether Catholic, or whether Evangelical, those who support Israel do not understand that they have a strength” while “we Orthodox that are treated literally like second-rate citizens in many areas in Israel, many areas of social life, we are frowned upon,” he said.
“If the next time a Netanyahu comes and he is addressing a Christian audience, and the Pat Robertsons and others and the people, most of all the people, were to say: ‘how do you do this? How do you allow these abortions, homosexual parades, and teaching children from a homosexual curriculum? Is this the Holy Land today? We’re shocked, we’re ashamed!’  You know, I think this would have an effect. I think if enough religious leaders, politicians, and Christian tourists spoke out we would see positive changes in Israel.”
According to Levin,“we are in a civil war within the Catholic Church, within the Jewish religion,” and the two groups must support one another in their battles to preserve moral teachings.
Cardinal Archbishop Timothy Dolan and New York’s homosexual “marriage” vote
While expressing his profound respect for New York City’s Cardinal Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Rabbi Levin said that he was “disappointed” with the lack of help from the prelate during the debate over homosexual “marriage” in New York state in 2010, as well as his silence on Israel’s moral problems during Dolan’s recent trip to the Holy Land.
“Archbishop Dolan, Cardinal Dolan, was in Israel, and he spent days there. Did he comment at all on the moral situation in any way?” asked Levin . “So here is the united Catholic conference of bishops, and I respect him, I respect him but does morality and respect for life, does that stop at the Catholic Church door, or is this something which Catholic teachings tell us is international and applies equally in every nation of the world, and certainly the nation that previous popes have called ‘older brother’ and ‘the tree from which we were grafted?’”
“Now of course it might be politically unpopular for him to say this, and it might rankle, but you know how many people would feel inspired, would feel motivated, would feel embarrassed that a foreign clergyman said such a thing?” he asked.
Noting his three decades of work supporting Catholic pro-life activists and defending the pope and other clergy from unjust attacks, Levin said that he would like to see more reciprocity from Catholic and Christian prelates. However, he noted, “I’m an equal opportunity criticizer..My disappointment is with anybody: rabbis, cardinals, priests, common folk, we’re on this ship together.”
Levin expressed his gratitude to Vatican officials for intervening against permitting a homosexual march in Jerusalem in 2006.
“I’m happy to say that based on my appeal to the Vatican, the Vatican did speak out and did instruct, I think his name is Msgr. Franco, who is the papal representative, the nuncio…who spoke out strongly against the parade in Jerusalem, who actually testified in my presence in front of a Knesset subcommittee shortly after arriving in Israel, so this was great. And I look forward to continued interreligious participation in a concerted way as it applies to moral issues, worldwide but especially in the Holy Land….”
An “absolute prohibition” against voting for anti-life and anti-family politicians needed
Rabbi Levin urged Catholic clergy to join with Evangelical, Jewish, and even Muslim leaders, to institute an absolute prohibition against voting for those who support anti-life and anti-family agendas.
“Occasionally I go to the Vatican, and whenever I’m there I always tell these prelates that ultimately, we have to draw a line in the sand, and there has to be a teaching from the major religions that it is absolutely positively prohibited to vote for anyone who is supportive of any part of the abortion, homosexual, or anti-religous-liberty agendas,” he said.
“Once that’s done, although it might to a certain extent thin out the pews, the remnant will be so empowered and so much stronger, and if the Catholics do this in tandem with the Southern Baptist convention in the United States and Orthodox Jews, there will be Muslims that will join, believe me this pushback is the equal and opposite reaction that we need at this late stage in the devolving culture with more and more states embracing homosexual marriage, with more attacks on religious liberty, we have only have a certain amount of years left to reverse this.”
He expressed admiration for Dr. Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), for his strong defiance of the Obama administration’s coercive contraceptive mandate, which will require religious institutions to fund contraception, including drugs that cause abortions, and urged Catholic leaders to coordinate more closely with Baptists.
“He said that Martin Luther King went to prison in Birmingham, and we are prepared to go to prison in Nashville,” noted Levin. “We never saw such strong talk from Dr. Land.” Levin added that “If tomorrow the Catholic bishops were to join with the Southern Baptist Convention, and Dr. Land were to talk about the fact that they are now contemplating this kind of a prohibition [against voting for anti-life and anti-family politicians], I promise you that politicians will take note. Will it change overnight? No. But believe me if they institute this and they take a few political scalps you won’t believe the amount of reversal we can still accomplish with God’s grace.”
Levin’s final point, which he regarded as the most important, was that ultimately, responsibility for the decaying morality of modern society lies with religious leaders, who have not acted with sufficient vigor to counteract such trends.
“Who is ultimately responsible?” he asked. “Ultimately the ones who are going to bear the responsibility for not issuing this stand and for not teaching the flock the absolute, without equivocation, uncompromising, black and white prohibition … on voting, supporting, honoring [anti-life and anti-family politicians]...are going to be the religious leaders.”


Rabbi Levin featured in anti-Romney robocalls to hundreds of thousands


Birmingham, AL (MMD Newswire) March 12, 2012 -- To deny Mitt Romney any southern state victories, drive a stake into Newt Gingrich's candidacy, and test whether greater numbers of churchgoing African-American voters may walk away from President Obama over gay rights issues this fall, an ecumenical group of Jews and Christians which supports Rick Santorum is aiming religious robo-calls at registered voters from both parties in Tuesday's Alabama and Mississippi GOP Presidential primaries. Starting a week ago in Ohio, millions of such robo-calls and emails began hitting Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney on his gay rights record. The robo-message:
"Hi, my name is Brian Camenker; I'm a Jew from Massachusetts.
"And, this is Darcy Brandon; I'm a Christian from California. If you believe as we do that marriage and sexuality should only be between a man and a woman, please help us stop Mitt Romney.
"As Governor, Romney signed 'Gay Youth Pride Day' proclamations, promoted homosexuality in our elementary schools, and unconstitutionally ordered state officials to make Massachusetts America's first same-sex marriage state. Romney supports open homosexuality in the military, the appointment of homosexual judges, and the ENDA law, making it illegal to fire a man who wears a dress and high heels to work, even if he's your kid's teacher. When you vote tomorrow, please vote for social sanity and Rick Santorum, NOT for homosexuality and Mitt Romney.
"Rick Santorum is the ONLY candidate who can be trusted to uphold traditional marriage, a straight military, and the rights of American children to have both a mother and a father. This message paid for by Jews and Christians Together.org and not authorized by any candidate. To get the facts before you vote, visit Jews and Christians Together.org."
That website, urging Alabama and Mississippi voters to "get the shocking facts on Mitt Romney," links to a page called "The Romney Files" . That page, identical to email content blasted to over a million Ohio residents a week ago, documents Romney's progressive record on gay issues, a record that matches up closely with Obama's and which may be problematic for both men among black, evangelical, Catholic and southern voters.
"The Romney Files" , assembled by the Boston-based group Mass Resistance, show a gubernatorial proclamation Romney signed declaring "Gay Youth Pride Day"; a video comparison of RomneyCare to ObamaCare, two similar approaches to socialized medicine; a Planned Parenthood questionnaire Romney signed in favor of publicly-subsidized abortion, abortion drugs and contraceptives; and a claim that "Romney's wife Ann personally donated to Planned Parenthood."
That page links to a video by Rabbi Yehuda Levin of Brooklyn, NY, director of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, a 70 year old organization of over 850 Orthodox Jewish Rabbis in the United States and Canada, serving approximately one half-million religious Jews, in which Rabbi Levin challenges Romney's pro-gay record. "By all measuring sticks, Gov. Romney is not at all socially conservative... not Biblically conservative. I don't think his positions are in accord with his Mormon faith."
Rabbi Levin appeals to evangelicals, Catholics and church leaders to join Jewish leaders in spreading the word on Romney's "atrocious homosexualist agenda." It also links to a more in-depth "Mitt Romney Report" full of details that trouble GOP conservatives, and which may move Democratic voters, including traditionalist African-Americans, to cross over for Santorum in southern GOP primaries. Should Santorum face Obama next fall as the GOP nominee, both will be coveting those voters.
Brian Camenker, one of the robo-call voices, president of Mass Resistance and compiler of much of that Romney research, recently said, "Mitt Romney would be the most liberal Republican ever nominated for the Presidency. Romney is so far left, he spoke against the right of the Boy Scouts to screen-out homosexuals. Mitt Romney proved during the January 8 Meet the Press debate that he's still as far left on the gay agenda as always. He proudly announced, 'a member of my cabinet was gay. I appointed people to the bench regardless of their sexual orientation.' Asked when he last stood up and spoke out for increasing gay rights, Romney said 'Right now.'"
Dr. Gary Cass, president of DefendChristians.org and a member of Jews & Christians Together.org said, "Santorum is the only viable alternative to Romney. All Jews and Christians are aware that the Bible, from the Jewish Books of Moses to the Christian Gospels to the epistles of Saint Paul, commands God's faithful to love the sinner but hate the sin, and indeed to recognize homosexuality as sin. Romney, on the other hand, endorses homosexuality as a good choice for young people."
Cass said that he supports Santorum, the former Pennsylvania Senator, because last year Santorum signed The Marriage Vow, a political pledge document from Iowa also embraced by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). That eventually earned Santorum a narrow victory in Iowa and the endorsement of conservative radio personality Dr. James Dobson and other evangelicals. Santorum, said Cass, "courageously put his name to some very bold, very Judeo-Christian, and extremely politically-incorrect statements about marriage and sexuality." Santorum's pro-marriage vow:
- Recognizes "the overwhelming statistical evidence that married people enjoy better health, better sex, longer lives, greater financial stability, and that children raised by a mother and a father together experience better learning, less addiction, less legal trouble, and less extramarital pregnancy;"
- Rejects "anti-­scientific bias which holds, in complete absence of empirical proof, that non-­heterosexual inclinations are genetically determined, irresistible and akin to innate traits like race, gender and eye color;"
· Rejects "anti-­scientific bias which holds, against all empirical evidence, that homosexual behavior in particular, and sexual promiscuity in general, optimizes individual or public health;"
- Contains a pledge of "Personal fidelity to my spouse" and "Respect for the marital bonds of others" which Gingrich, Cain, Romney and Ron Paul declined to sign, but which Bachmann and Perry joined Santorum in signing.
Cass, an ordained Presbyterian minister, said, "Rick Santorum signed the Iowa vow last summer while Romney was calling for more gay hiring." Another link at Jews & Christians Together.org connects to a voter guide from Family Research Council that shows Romney in support of ENDA, the proposed federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act "that adds sexual orientation as a protected class." Camenker, the Jewish Romney opponent from Massachusetts, said ENDA "would forbid the firing of transvestite elementary school teachers, open bisexuals, and other bad examples to America's young people."


Rabbi Levin responds to Jewish Homosexual Activists Part 1

New York rabbi: Homosexuals can be helped with chemicals: A controversial New York rabbi has reacted to an article by someone who attempted reparative therapy by arguing that homosexual urges/activities could be controlled with chemicals. The rabbi claimed Jewish LGBT groups are a 'fifth column' within the Jewish community.


Rabbi Levin : Bill O'reilly " meshuganeh"/crazy for his Pro homosexual Attack on family values


Rabbi Yehuda Levin strongly defends Sandy Rios & the pro family group One Million Moms for criticizing JC Penny which appointed "married" out lesbian activist Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson. Levin refers to Bill O'reilly as"meshugenah Bill" who is contradicting the philosophy ,standards & values of his own Catholic Church. Levin also points out other O'reilly


Brooklyn, NY - Rabbi Levin Criticizes NJ Gov For Appointing Gay Judge


Brooklyn, NY - A pro-family Orthodox Jewish rabbi is concerned that a potential Republican vice-presidential candidate has appointed an open homosexual to his state’s supreme court.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) has announced he will nominate Bruce Harris to one of the two openings on the state’s high court. But he has also told legislators that he would veto a proposed Senate bill legalizing same-sex “marriage” in the state. He is encouraging those who support such unions to let the New Jersey voters decide.
“Let’s put the question of same-sex marriage on the ballot this fall in the hands of the people, the time when the most people will be voting—the presidential election year,” he urged.
But New York City Rabbi Yehuda Levin says something is wrong with Christie appointing the homosexual judge, then calling for the people to decide the issue.
“You’re either with us or against us; you can’t be halfway,” he contends. “And Christie is not a strong social conservative. He’s a social moderate, and this is unacceptable.”
Levin is also concerned that Christie, who is a supporter of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, has already been mentioned as a possible running mate for the former Massachusetts governor.
“This is Romney’s friend. He’s doing just like Romney—everything short of homosexual ‘marriage,’” the rabbi notes. “Romney has to be defeated at any cost, or we know what kind of Supreme Court nominees he will appoint and how that will impact on our country for decades to come.”
Levin believes a Romney-Christie ticket would be focused on the economy, but he says no amount of financial tinkering can save a country that is morally bankrupt.

Source: VIN


Rabbi Levin on World Net Daily - Rabbis call Romney 'dangerous homosexualist'


850+ Orthodox Jewish Clergymen Call Romney 'A Dangerous Homosexualist' | CNSnews.com


(CNSNews.com) - More than 850 Jewish clergymen say former Gov. Mitt Romney is “a dangerous homosexualist” – and are calling on churches and church leaders in South Carolina to examine the records of the Republican candidates on homosexuality and on social values.
“America’s fate will likely be determined in the South Carolina presidential primary, Jan. 21,” the rabbis said in a news release.
“The man who the voters choose will probably become the Republican presidential nominee, the man charged with defeating President Obama and reversing the moral and economic freefall he and his allies have encouraged.”
Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the Jewish clergymen, said the rabbis see the South Carolina primary as America’s “Nineveh” moment.
“The famous story in the Bible of the prophet Jonah, who received a prophecy and he went to Nineveh, he told them – ‘In 40 days you are going to be destroyed because of your wickedness,’ because of your evil, because of your good old-fashioned immorality. And the people repented – that’s the story of Jonah,” Levin told CNSNews.com.

The Orthodox Jewish religious leaders, members of the 70-year-old Rabbinical Alliance of America, are calling on South Carolina churches to reject Romney.
“In a recent televised Republican presidential debate, Gov. Romney, a dangerous homosexualist, boasted that he will continue to pander to the lowest elements of American society in many areas, including appointment to the (Supreme) court,” the rabbis wrote.
“This bodes very ill for those with future Supreme Court appointments in terms of the militant homosexual agenda. And basically, what we perceive at this point – the New York Orthodox Jewish Community – to be a very, very much anti-religious, anti-traditional values bent of the courts system. This could impact upon us literally for decades to come.”
On Jan. 8, during the NBC News-Facebook debate, Romney had the following exchange with Andy Hiller, a reporter for the NBC affiliate in Boston:
MR. ANDY HILLER: Governor Romney, I'd like to remind you of something you said in Bay Windows, which is a gay newspaper in Massachusetts, in 1994 when you were running against Senator Kennedy. These are your words: “I think the gay community needs more support from the Republican Party, and I would be a voice in the Republican Party to foster anti-discrimination efforts.” How have you stood up for gay rights and when have you used your voice to influence Republicans on this issue?
GOV. ROMNEY: Andy, as you know, I don't discriminate. And in the appointments that I made when I was governor of Massachusetts, a member of my Cabinet was gay. I appointed people to the bench, regardless of their sexual orientation, made it very clear that, in my view, we should not discriminate in hiring policies, in legal policies. At the same time, from the very beginning in 1994, I said to the gay community, "I do not favor same-sex marriage." I oppose same-sex marriage, and that has been my, my view. But, but if people are looking for someone who, who will discriminate against gays or will in any way try and suggest that people that, that have different sexual orientation don't have full rights in this country, they won't find that in me.
MR. HILLER: When's the last time you stood up and spoke out for increasing gay rights?
FMR. GOV. ROMNEY: Right now.
The orthodox rabbis, meanwhile -- who say they are speaking as individuals, not as a group -- complained that the news media, even conservative media, have ignored the social positions of Romney and other candidates
“The scary part is not that Romney ‘came out of the closet’ politically, but that the (Sean) Hannitys and (Rush) Limbaughs failed us by not discussing the implications of Romney’s stance,” Levin said. “Endless defense of ‘Capitalism’ for days on end; nary 10 minutes about morality and Supreme Court nominations. FOR SHAME!”
Levin and his fellow rabbis called on South Carolina to reject Romney.
“If America is to regain G-D’s grace and rebuild our ruined economy, it is crucial that South Carolina actively reject Governor Romney’s previous record and future aspirations.  Choose the right man.  The man who has lived and shares our Biblical values, the moral man with the uncompromising moral positions who will thus bring G-D’s blessings, once again, to our society.
“America is on the brink of collapse economically and morally,” the rabbis said. “Capitalism alone can not save it.  No amount of financial tinkering can save a country which is morally bankrupt-that is what we learn from the decline and fall of the great empires of history.
“America became great, because it acknowledged G-D in every aspect of its public life-on the dollar bill, on public buildings, and in the schools-G-D as the author of America’s liberty and national success.  G-dly values comprised the public and private moral code of America and Americans.
“And G-D blessed this nation with an abundance of wealth and greatness unparalleled in human history.
“But, over the last 50 years, secular libertines have succeeded in gradually excluding G-D and His moral code and value from the public square-from our schools, from our law, and from our public institutions.
“It is up to the religious leaders and followers of South Carolina and other primary states to elevate the moral records of the candidates to the “primary” position of importance.  Heed the message of Nineveh: We do right by G-D, He will do right by us!
“The time is short.  We are being judged.  Will we choose wisely?”
Calls and e-mails to the Romney campaign for comment over a two day period yielded only one brief telephone response asking CNSNews.com to e-mail the national campaign spokesperson. No response has been forthcoming.
Source: CNSnews.com