Rabbi Levin responds to Jewish Homosexual Activists Part 1

New York rabbi: Homosexuals can be helped with chemicals: A controversial New York rabbi has reacted to an article by someone who attempted reparative therapy by arguing that homosexual urges/activities could be controlled with chemicals. The rabbi claimed Jewish LGBT groups are a 'fifth column' within the Jewish community.


Rabbi Levin : Bill O'reilly " meshuganeh"/crazy for his Pro homosexual Attack on family values


Rabbi Yehuda Levin strongly defends Sandy Rios & the pro family group One Million Moms for criticizing JC Penny which appointed "married" out lesbian activist Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson. Levin refers to Bill O'reilly as"meshugenah Bill" who is contradicting the philosophy ,standards & values of his own Catholic Church. Levin also points out other O'reilly