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Yehuda Levin is the Rabbi and founder of Congregation Mevakshei Hashem
(Those Who Seek the Lord) Synagogue in the Flatbush neighborhood of
Brooklyn, New York.  A 57-year-old grandfather, Rabbi Levin has been a
cultural warrior in New York City for over 30 years.  At age 24, he delivered
his first talk at the March for Life in D.C., and for the next 32 years he has
spoken at least 29 times.  At age 30, he ran for U.S. Congress, causing a
powerful Democrat to remove his sponsorship of pro-homosexual legislation.
A year later, he ran for Mayor of New York City on the Right to Life line,
garnering the headlines in New York’s major newspapers which reported on
the only mayoral debate sponsored by the New York Times. As a result,
Mayor Koch could not avoid participating in that debate and later wrote about
the race in his book Politics.
In 1991, Rabbi Levin was one of six people featured prominently in the book
Culture Wars, thus cementing his identification as a “Cultural Warrior”.  In the
late 1980’s, he was featured on the front page of the New York Newsday,
identifying him as a co-leader of Operation Rescue where 800 people were arrested that day.  In the mid 1990’s, Rabbi Levin showed the photo of that
event to Pope John Paul II when he visited New York City, and the Pope
saluted the Rabbi with the words, “Evangelium Vitae”.   Levin’s approbation
appeared on the book cover of Jerry Falwell’s book If I Die Before I Wake.
Over the years, Rabbi Levin has been requested to defend various
personalities accused of anti-Semitism or insensitivity to the Jewish
community.  Among those people are Cardinal O’Connor of New York City,
Father Paul Marks who founded Human Life International, Dr. Pat Robertson,
and Pope Benedict four years ago.  In 2000, he defended the Vatican at an
exclusive press conference inside the UN, and several years later, he was
recognized by Inside the Vatican magazine as one of the ten most important
people of the year.  The Rabbi enjoys a fraternal relationship with Cardinal
Burke, head of the Pontifical Court in Rome, and has been featured as a
guest on Vatican Radio.
In the mid-2000’s, there was pending legislation in Italy that would have
codified homosexual marriage; however, a 1.5 million-person rally of the
faithful succeeded in stopping that legislation.   A statement of support from
Rabbi Levin and the 850 Rabbis which he represents was read at the rally
that day.
Rabbi Levin has had op-ed pieces in the New York Times and USA Today,
has appeared several times on CNN, has been featured in articles which
have appeared in the New York Times, and has appeared on many national
television and radio programs over the last three decades.  Whenever he
speaks, it is direct and powerful and delivered in an inspiring manner, as
millions of March for Life attendees can attest.
Recently, Rabbi Levin has embarked on a new chapter in his life mission…to
inform, educate and activate millions of the faithful/remnant. He plans to
speak in a prophetic manner of Jewish Scripture to challenge the failures of
Religio/Conservative leadership in these important end times.  The Rabbi will
share from his wisdom and experience in living the holy, uplifting, spiritual,
happy family life, having raised God-fearing, good children in a Sodom


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