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Rabbi Levin Discovers and Opposes Anti-Jewish High School Play Rife with Immorality


בנשיאות הרה"ג ר אברהם דוב העכט שליט"א
Rabbinical Alliance of America
305 Church Avenue, Second Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11218-3105 U.S.A.
Tel. 212-242-6420 Fax. 212-255-8313

Rabbi Abraham B. Hecht Rabbi Herschel Kurzrock
President Rosh Beth Din
Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum


Ms. Diana Rigby
Concord-Carlisle Regional School District
Ripley Building
120 Meriam Road
Concord, MA 01742

November 9, 2010

Dear Ms. Diana Rigby,
I am writing you on behalf of our 67-year-old national organization consisting of more than 850 Rabbis.
We have seen excerpts of a play entitled "Falsettos" as well as a partial transcript of some of the songs in that play.
Those of us who saw segments of this play and read from the transcript of various songs are horrified, outraged and disgusted. This makes a mockery of our religion and our Torah/Bible, which refers to Jews as "a monarchy of priests and a holy people".
What this play does is cruder than bathroom humor. We are insulted by the associating of Jews with perversion and debauchery. We don't believe you would have the "chutzpah"/temerity to make or perform such a play if it were about Arabs of the Muslim faith.
By showing this play, you have cheapened our religion and are poisoning the minds of youth who perform this debauchery and also those who view it.
We demand that you do not continue to insult us and that you never show this play again. Society has enough problems with things that seek to propel us into the sewer. This play takes us all in that direction, and we say: "No, Thanks!"

Rabbi Yehuda Levin
Rabbinical Alliance of America

Cc: media, Lee Ann Kay

Rabbi Levin will be in the Holy Land through Nov. 28. He can be reached by emailing rabbilevin@gmail.com.

P.S. Information about the play:
"Falsettos" is a rather long play of about two hours and 24 minutes. Marvin, his son Jason (played by a girl), his psychiatrist Mendel, and his male lover Whizzer begin the play singing, "Four Jews in a room bitching." Marvin has left his wife Trina for Whizzer. Trina later divorces Marvin and marries Mendel. Whizzer dies of AIDS. The play makes fun of Jews, while claiming God is a joke; so you might as well become a homosexual and contract AIDS and die. It's a play that creatively promotes death.
Brief highlights:
0-4 minutes: Scripture is mocked, Jewish stereotypes, nothing is funny about, "funny,
funny, funny, funny."
11:30 - 15:10: Gay activity; these men would "kill for that thrill of first love."
50:11 - 52:00: March of the Falsettos; "One butt following the other, teach it to your
brother..," "...we're lacking in maturity..."
1:19:00 - 1:23:00: Religion satirized, particularly references to son's bar mitzvah.
1:25:00 - 1:29:00: New stereotype about Jewish people, claiming Jews can't play
baseball. Marvin, his ex-wife, his ex-wife's husband, two lesbian
neighbors, and his lover, Whizzer go to watch Jason play baseball.
Whizzer gives pointers to Jason, like a dad.
1:44:00 - 1:47:05: Two homosexual men in bed.
1:57:55 - 2:02:00: Whizzer, Marvin's lover, is in the hospital dying of AIDS. Play
makes fun of Jewish food.
2:03:25 - 2:04:55: Song about passionate lovers; reference to "horny lover."
2:13:00 - end: Mockery of the Jewish bar mitzvah. At 2:17:40, the homosexual lover
"dies" of AIDS during Jason's song in Hebrew. At 2:20:19, Marvin sings
to the ghost of Whizzer - "I'd do it again, and again, and again."
Sodomy is worth the price of abandoning one's wife and child, contracting AIDS, and dying. This is the lesson of "Falsettos," while it cheerfully demeans God and the Jewish people.


1000 Rabbis Join Vatican Cardinal-designate in Absolutely Prohibiting Voting for Anti-Life, Anti-Family Candidates Rabbi declares “the beginning of a spiritual civil war.”

For Immediate Release
Contact: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Spokesman, Rabbinical Alliance of America
718-569-8438 (call or text)
1000 Rabbis Join Vatican Cardinal-designate in Absolutely Prohibiting Voting for Anti-Life, Anti-Family Candidates
Rabbi declares “the beginning of a spiritual civil war.”

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct 31, 2010
Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America, representing more than 1000 Rabbis, issued the following statement:
“As Rabbis we welcome with great enthusiasm and strongly endorse the inspiring and clear Pro-life, Pro-family message delivered by American Cardinal-designate, Raymond L. Burke, Prefect of the Catholic Church’s highest court, in a 25 minute video interview with Catholic Action for Faith and Family (www.CatholicAction.org) which was broadcast on EWTN and other networks to over one hundred million viewers.
In these crucial times in which we live, where many clerics tread with fear, Cardinal-designate Burke is to be commended and emulated as a voice of leadership” said Rabbi Yehuda Levin.
“This moral teaching of the Catholic Church set forth in Burke’s interview with Thomas McKenna, is clearly found in the Torah and serves to give solid guidance to voters whether they are Christian, Jew or any man of faith.”

Rabbi Levin continued, “The Vatican Official got it right when he stated that a voter should keep in mind the Golden Rule. He said that a voter could be asked ‘Do you follow the Golden Rule… Do you consider it really fair to advance some interest you have, which may be a good interest… at the cost of denying to other members of society, and especially those who depend upon us completely for life itself, to deny them the right to life?’”
Rabbi Levin concluded saying, “We must implement this teaching now, in the closing hours of the 2010 election cycle. We hope in the ensuing two years to have many other denominations sign on to this prohibition. This historic alliance announced today is far more important than working together for tuition tax credits for our parochial schools. Today is nothing less than the declaration of a “spiritual civil war.”
 “Let no person think that this directive is merely an intellectual exercise. This is a call to action to uphold the natural and moral law with pro-active voting according to our religious values. There can be no middle ground when it comes to the Sacred Laws: MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN, AND RESPECT FOR ALL HUMAN LIFE IS OBLIGATORY.  NOW GO OUT, SPREAD THE WORD AND VOTE ACCORDINGLY.”
As an Aside Rabbi Levin Added: “In light of this teaching first promulgated by the Central Rabbinical Congress “Brooklyn, NY” in 1982,  it would be forbidden, for example, to vote for either New York State Senator Schumer or candidate for governor Andrew Cuomo both of whom support late term abortion and homosexual marriage; unless they renounce those positions immediately.”
Rabbi Levin will be addressing a group of Rabbis at 10 pm November the 1st at 107 Rutledge St. , Williamsburg Brooklyn. While it will be a closed meeting, Rabbi Levin will be available to the press outside from 9:15 pm to 9:45pm.


Transcript of Rabbi Yehuda Levin's remarks outside the Greenwich Village Homosexual Club

I hope that homosexuals who call so often for tolerance and respect will demonstrate that they extend this to others.

While I am not holding a dialogue with a group or individuals who identify themselves by their sexual behavior, I do wish to express my compassion for anyone of any inclination who struggles with temptation, whether for pornography, adultery, underage relations, homosexuality, transvestites, transgenders, etc.

My feelings are, thank G-d, I don't have these challenges, and I don't want to diminish the difficult struggle that all of the above categories experience.

Where I draw the line is when people begin to make any of these situations into issues of pride, or when legislation is crafted which would construe religious people as bigots - or haters - who could lose their religious tax status - and have the full force of Federal, State and Local government arrayed against us and our way of life.

Before I continue let me declare here today that I denounce violence against people for any reason. It is prohibited and we condemn it. Whoever thinks that their religion mandates they beat up another group because of their "sin", is wrong and should keep their hands to themselves.

However, if minors or even adults are subjected to unwanted advances they are entitled to do what it takes to defend themselves.

And now I would like to read to you some of the hate-filled emails I received.

From Celeste Zabala: "World War II, the Jewish people were nearly decimated by the Nazis, how are you any different from a Nazi? Your hate is disgusting! I condemn you!

The refined Sheila Wolfe writes: "Who the fuck to you think you are speaking for all Jews? You probably take it up the ass from all the little Yeshiva boys and then talk against homosexuality. Go f-ck yourself!"

The very proud self-proclaimed gay New Yorker, M. Moore sent me: "It's a shame that you didn't choke on that "kosher" salami sandwich. The world would be a much better place if you had."

The peace-loving Stephen Bornstein communicated to me: " You are one of the reasons that there is so much hate in the world. Your filth and other like you is what gave Hitler power. I am sorry your family survived!"

The open-minded Fred wrote: "You are an embarrassment to the entire Jewish Community. Please shut up, who cares what you think. I am 100% sure you are a homosexual yourself and your inner-feelings is what makes you go on the attack. Please stop! We have enough people who hate us, we don't need you to spread your stupid voice. You don't count."

I categorically reject that I used any terminology of rancor or hatred nor for that matter did Mr. Paladino.

The ones who show hate, a lack of tolerance and bullying are those who shout you down, denigrate your religion, tell you to die, in any number of ways. I come right here to declare the aforementioned accusations that I/we are haters to be the ultimate lie. A Goebbels tactics! You scream at me, curse me, threaten me, all the while shrieking that we religious people are haters. Stop the lying! Grow up. Look in the mirror and see that you are doing exactly what you accuse us of doing.

The fact is that marriage legislation in Massachusetts has led to a Federal Court decision in the Parker case not even allowing a parent to remove their children from a kindergarten class, teaching, no! indoctrinating. and yes, brainwashing! children into accepting all these premises that undermine the religious standards of the child's parents. This may potentially occur in New York State! On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, tahe Jewish New Year, we received a New Year's present. Governor Paterson signed into law the Dignity for All Students Act. Again, Orwellian double-talk.

While one section of this bill specifically indicates it exempts private school students - a second area S3-section 801a rewrites a section of the old law [Assembly Bill AO3661 - Senate Bill S1987B] dealing with instruction in... tolerance... respect for others... awareness, sensitivity... sexual orientation, genders and sexes... This new section does not indicate any exemption for private/religious schools.

This means religious schools will be under the thumbs of the "re-education camp police." This is reminiscent of the infamous re-education camps which were so prevalent in the Communist Soviet Union. Thus, we religious family people in New York see we can not depend on our legislature and we need a Governor who will be sensitive to the needs and values of millions of religious New Yorkers, Christian, Jew, Moslem, etc.

We are requesting that the aforementioned issue be revisited.

Religious children in public schools should not be captives to this indoctrination which contradict their religious heritage. At the very least, parents should have the freedom and choice to have their children opt out.

Secondly, religious and private schools should be totally and undeniable exempt from these re-education police.

Ideally, a law like this which destroys childrens' values is a sneak attack by craven legislators headed by that scandalous embarrassment, Assembly-speaker Sheldon Silver. This law should be reversed.

We ask Messrs. Cuomo and Paladino, to tell us, how they would specifically address our concerns about this brainwashing bill that decimates our religious beliefs and our parental rights to determine out childrens' values without homosexualist interference.

The press should join with us by calling on Mr. Paladino and Mr. Cuomo to thoroughly clarify itemize what they would do for us in this specific situation. We already know what each would do for the homosexuals. This is a chance for either of the candidates - to address a overriding concern and show millions of religious parents throughout the state exactly who is who and what is what!

After we last met on the sidewalk outside the steps of St.Patrick's Cathedral, I was criticized for using that venue for my last press conference. The O.U./Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America apologized for my chutzpah/temerity in calling on the Archbishop to weigh in with Paladino, his adherents and all of us, as to how one should factor in the issues of the homosexual agenda - abortion, etc., when going to vote.

A Mr. Beigelman of the O.U. issued a statement to the religious paper Hamodia, that assessed the umbrage taken by the Archdiocese as so great, it could lead to the reversal of Catholic-Jewish relations, turning back the clock to pre-Vatican II days, fifty some years ago.

Wow, could you imagine that I caused such consternation just for requesting that the Archbishop might follow the leadership template of my friend the late Cardinal O'Conner who used to lead and coordinate inter-religious coalitions which pro-actively fought for family and religious values.

Was I untoward to make this request? If so, I apologize 1000 times. Rabbi Weinrib in the New York Times only criticized the venue and not my content. (I was on the sidewalk, not the steps, and Rabbi Weinrib called it a political protest. I refer to it as a call to holiness). I ask Rabbi Weinrib and Mr. Beigelhead to clarify - now that I'm in front of the Homosexual Club, is it O.K. if I ask the Archbishop, the entire Catholic Conference, O.U. and Agudath Israel to join in a large inter-religious pro-active coalition perhaps hosted by the Archbishop, if he's not still peeved at me for suggesting this. United, together and pro-active, we can save our childrens' education and signal to the craven politicians that we will identify them and hold them responsible.

Parenthetically, some six days after my press conference, the Catholic Bishops issued a voters guide - I'm thrilled and I thank them. Can we, the 850 plus members of the Rabbinical Alliance work with you all on an inter-religious coalition that will tilt the power back where it belongs. Please Your Excellency - lead the largest denomination fully into the fray and all of us will win.

Finally, I wish to announce an address for like-minded decent New Yorkers from across the state to gather - exchange information about evil anti-religious anti-family, legislation and power grabs by power-hungry political panderers to radical homosexual legislation.

We are reconstituting the Religious Family Defense Coalition (RFDC) which will be a website meeting place for clergy and laypeople alike, to inform each other, become educated and activists.

We call upon New Yorkers to access this site. The skeleton is already up, and you will be connected to Godreignoverus.com where you can immediately sign up. Let us begin to gear up for tahe next election.

To the militant homosexuals I say, Leave us alone. You dare not call us haters when you have no evidence. Stop attacking us, verbally with the most vicious obscene type of hate speech. Stop your bullying brown-shirt tactics - applied to Mr. Paladino or anyone else you disagree with. You are victimizing religious leaders and followers, brainwashing our children, and through millionaire homosexual donor Tim Gill who spent over 70 million dollars to promote Homosexualist candidates, you are seriously perverting our political process and prostituting our politicians.

I want everyone to know if violence or bullying or worse happens to me, merely for standing up for the faith value of Sinai, also embraced by nearly two billion Christians and Muslims, it gives lie to the artificial victim status of radical homosexuals and you reveal yourself to be the true haters, bullies and the victimizers.


NY Times - Endorsement Sweep in the Comptroller’s Race


In many statewide campaigns, a single newspaper’s endorsement generally does not make much of a difference. But Harry Wilson, the Republican candidate for comptroller, is hoping that a triumvirate of them can make more of an impression.
Michael Appleton for The New York Times
Harry Wilson, the Republican candidate for comptroller.
Mario Tama/Getty Images
Carl P. Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor.
In a new advertisement, Mr. Wilson, who has been trailing the incumbent comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli, left, in the polls, highlights the endorsements he picked up this weekend from the city’s three major newspapers — The New York Times, The Daily News and The New York Post.
Using a picture of a broom and calling it “a clean sweep,” a narrator reads the most glowing phrases from the editorials, with The Times praising Mr. Wilson’s talents and expertise, The News declaring that he could be “a force for reinventing state government” and The Post hailing him as “an astute tough-minded outsider.”
The advertisement is reminiscent of one that State Senator Eric T. Schneiderman, the Democratic nominee for attorney general, ran during the primary, when eight well-known Democrats read parts of an endorsement from a Times editorial.
Mr. Schneiderman, of course, ended up winning.
Mr. Wilson’s advertisement will begin appearing soon in New York City. It is notable because it is only 15 seconds long, or half the typical political advertisement’s length, and therefore costs half as much — a strategy that was employed by William C. Thompson Jr., in his bid to unseat Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg last year.
But the advertisement could not come at a better time for Mr. Wilson, a former hedge fund manager, who is still largely unknown to most voters, according to recent surveys.
When asked about the advertisement, the DiNapoli campaign did not address the endorsements directly. Instead, it released a statement reprising its criticisms of Mr. Wilson for failing to live up to his promise of releasing his tax returns.
According to Mr. Wilson, this was the first time that a candidate challenging an incumbent statewide had earned a sweep of the three major New York City newspapers since 1976, when Daniel Patrick Moynihan achieved tripartite backing in his campaign for United States Senate. DAVID W. CHEN
An Orthodox Apology Over a Rabbi’s Tactics
The political alliance between Carl P. Paladino and Rabbi Yehuda Levin lasted three days. But the aftershocks of their breakup seem to be rippling across the pond of New York politics.
First, Mr. Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor, severed the relationship bypublicly apologizing for remarks he made condemning homosexuality at a meeting with Rabbi Levin’s congregation on Oct. 10. Then Rabbi Levin, who teaches that homosexuality is the spiritual cause of earthquakes and other disasters, withdrew his support from Mr. Paladino, left, who he said “folded like a cheap camera.”
After that, the leader of the largest Orthodox group in the United States, the Orthodox Union, offered an apology to the archbishop of New York because Rabbi Levin had chosen the sidewalk in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to proclaim his disappointment with Mr. Paladino.
Rabbi Levin insists the latest apology was unnecessary. “I went to St. Patrick’s because I consider the Catholic Church the big boy on the block in the battle against homosexuality, abortion and the breakdown of the family,” he said. “I just wish the church would speak up a little and instruct its adherents about church policy. Stop being so politically correct!”
In an interview, Joseph Zwilling, a spokesman for the archdiocese, said: “Most New Yorkers know what our position is on marriage and sexuality. We proclaim it quite clearly. At the same time, we’re not going to get dragged into a political debate.”
Although the church says that discrimination against anyone is unacceptable, it has condemned the practice of homosexuality in harsh terms.
Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive vice president emeritus of the Orthodox Union, said he called the office of the archbishop, Timothy M. Dolan, to apologize not so much for what Rabbi Levin said, but for where he said it. “It’s a free country. You can say what you like. I just thought it was wrong for a clergyman to make a statement on the steps of another person’s faith,” Rabbi Weinreb said.
Like Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Judaism generally deplores homosexuality. PAUL VITELLO

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Carl Palodino Fires Campaign Manager - Hires Rabbi Levin


Carl Palodino jokingly fires his campaign spokesman and hires Rabbi Levin.
Rabbi Levin blesses Palodino

CBS Interview with Rabbi Levin Re: Jewish View Same Gender Marriage (full)



Rabbi Levin's Interview With WPIX Channel 11 NYC

TEANECK, N.J. (WPIX) Avi Smolen met his boyfriend Justin when they were both camp counselors in Nyack, New York. They fell in love and got engaged last year. The 2 twenty-somethings are gay, but like many straight couples, Smolen and his fiance asked a community newspaper to publish their wedding announcement.

"When they decided to actually publish it, I thought this is great. My community recognizes me and the milestone in my life," Smolen told PIX 11 News.





PressRelease- Rabbinical Alliance: Filibuster Defense Authorization; Boot Bostick

RABBINICAL ALLIANCE OF AMERICA For Immediate Release: Sept. 20, ’10 Contact: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Spokesman on Family Values: 718-469-6999 850 Rabbis Call On Senators Schumer and Gillibrand: 1. Tell Congress: Stop shoving the radical LGBT agenda down our throats – or else. 2. Hold hearings and fire Lt. Gen. Bostick from the Army.

Read Full Press Release on GodreignOverUs.com


Rabbinical Alliance of America Dinner Speech 5770


Scarlet Letters of betrayal to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Rick Lazio, New York State Conservative Party, Grover Norquist etc... for advancing the homosexual agenda.

Transcript of the speech:

Part I
For many years the Rabbinical Alliance of America has been on the cutting edge of defending Torah true family values. Our 30 years of addresses to the March for Life; our organizing interreligious leaders in Jerusalem to oppose a yearly homosexual parade, the story of which appeared with a picture on the front page of the New York Times. Recently, we were the top story on Drudge for stating that Yelena Kagan is not kosher to serve on any court (and she still isn’t).
Tonight at the Rabbinical Alliance’s special yearly convocation attended by over 125 member Rabbis and their wives, we take the courageous stand in His honor of issuing our first annual “Scarlet Letters” to so called Conservatives who betray G-D’s family values by embracing segments of the militant homosexual agenda. We condemn Rush Limbaugh for endorsing homosexual unions. Although Glen Beck had a wonderful gathering at the Lincoln Memorial; his telling O’Reilly that he is not concerned or opposed to homosexual marriage is like someone donating 5 dollars to the collection box with his right hand and with his left hand he’s pulling out a twenty from the collection box hidden behind his back. It’s shocking, it’s painful and it’s inexcusable. The so-called American Conservative Union, which hosts the Washington, D.C., C-PAC gathering recently included a homosexual organization-a fifth column. ACU also earns a scarlet letter of betrayal. The same for Ann Coulter (whom we defended against accusations of anti-semitism) who will be addressing an event called Homo ConGoProud. Ms. Coulter is not anti-Jewish, she’s just plain anti-The Jewish G-D of the Torah whose principal enemy transgenerationally is Amalek (see Deuteronomy 25:17-19, & Rashi verse 18 that describes how Amalek contaminated the Jews through homosexuality). Grover Norquist is for lowering taxes but he promotes and raises the homosexual agenda. Rick Lazio is the Conservative Party candidate for Governor of New York; he opposes homosexual marriage but supports homosexual unions. He joins the heads of the once great Human Events magazine, who talk out of both sides of their mouths on this issue. We decry the increasing amount of times that the NY State Conservative Party has endorsed candidates like Lazio who support “regular” abortion and homosexual partnership. For too long, the party leadership has betrayed their founding principals and the overwhelming numbers of their membership.
We call upon other religious denominations to provide clear unambiguous moral/spiritual leadership and join us in clarifying that it is not acceptable to oppose partial birth abortion but to accept 99% of abortions on demand. Nor is it acceptable to play word games with G-D: marriage no, unions and partnership yes. We call on the Southern Baptist Convention, The Catholic Conference of Bishops, the AME and Black Church, The Greek and Russian Orthodox, we call upon you to stop tiptoeing around the issue. Choose sides loudly and emphatically; lead your flock and join the fray!
We honor the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, Worldnet Daily leaders Joseph Farah and David Kupelian who challenged Ann Coulter for her betrayal of principal. We also recognize Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth and Brian Komniker of Mass Resistance for their consistent totally uncompromised and uncompromising leadership in opposition to any and ALL aspects of the homosexual agenda.
The Conservative movement and religio-conservatives will not be successful in a return to G-dly values as long as they continue to tiptoe around this issue and make common cause with the “Scarlet Letter” crowd. I was shocked when I reached out to Mr. Winter at Human Events and he told me he supports civil unions and repeated several times that homosexuals aren’t evil. Mr. Winter, they are or aren’t any more or less evil than G-D in the Torah/Bible says they are. They are as evil as adulterers, pornographers, incest engagers, and the list goes on.
Michael Savage is the only national talk show host who continues to identify the dangers of the homosexual network and agenda. For this, he deserves our gratitude and respect.
Our ancient Rabbinic texts going back millennia declare that what sealed the decree of the Flood of Noah was when men began writing marriage contracts with fellow men and animals. It doesn’t say marriage, Mr. Winter, it says contracts, i.e. civil unions and domestic partnerships. I requested that Mr. Winter allow me to pen a guest column giving my side of the issue. He declined. So much for fairness and giving a chance for the religious perspective to be aired in even a long time Conservative venue. This is why we are losing even in the Conservative movement. Conservatism is based on G-Dly values. When we ignore His eternal values, He ignores us. We have more homosexual activity, more fornication and broken families. G-d deals measure for measure. We so-called “Conservatives” are much more responsible for the moral decline of society than are the most extreme liberals. Because the aquiescence and capitulation of those who officially stand with righteousness, is even more the cause of losing G-D’s grace.

Part II

The influence of the homosexualization of society is pernicious and is constantly making inroads even into the periphery of Orthodox Jewish society. There are organizations like Orthodykes, Gay Bisexual Transgendered Alumni of Yeshivas and Day schools, a Modern Orthodox Rabbi in Netanya who declares he’s homosexual, Yeshiva University hosts a night where 3 homosexuals address an overflow crowd of students, WABC talkshow host Shmueli Boteach tells Hawaiian Governor Linda Lingle that he urges her to sign domestic partnership legislation. What a desecration of G-d’s name and His values! Thankfully, the Jewish Lingle ignored Boteach; as we all should.
But the worst is the recent protocol authored by Nathaniel Helfgott and signed by Avi Weiss and 120 modern Orthodox Rabbis about respecting homosexual couples and their families within Orthodox Synagogues! This sacrilege comes because of the spiritual cause and effect of our right wing Orthodox organizations, Agudath Israel of America, Lubavitch, O.U., The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Satmar and all the Chasidic organizations, the Young Israel synagogue movement and dozens of local Rabbinic Organizations from Portland to Chicago to Missouri, who do not address these blasphemies! Thus they empower the desecration which occurs through the Boteachs and 120 Modern Orthodox. We are collectively guilty for our silence. This sacrilege occurred 1 month ago, to coordinate with another blasphemy, the profaning of Jerusalem, the Holy City, with the annual homosexual march. For one month, not one of the aforementioned Orthodox organizations protested either of these 2 occurrences. Shame on us!
Tonight, we of the Rabbinical Alliance of America once again take the lead and are “notel schar kneged kulam”(recipient of the spiritual reward of all who remain silent); we vigorously protest and condemn each and every breach in the wall of our faith through politically correct kowtowing or accommodating any aspect of the deviancy agenda.
In the merit of our protest, may we and all of Klal Yisroel be inscribed in the Book of Life for a healthy spiritually fulfilling year of Torah and activism.
At this time, we express our gratitude that at this late stage of the devolving culture in the liberal NY State and the city we call Sodom on the Hudson, we still have candidates who unlike Lazio, oppose abortion on demand and homosexual marriage under any other name. Former Congressman DioGuardi has reached out to the Orthodox Jewish community, and although the Alliance can’t endorse him, I can as an individual, and I urge everyone to check the view of each candidate regarding abortion on demand and civil unions before voting. Thank you!


850 American Rabbis Brand Israeli Supreme Court “Supreme Court of Sodom”; Call for Inter-religious Protest and Pressure

For Immediate Release
July 28, 2010
Contact: Rabbi Yehuda Levin

In advance of the July 29th homosexual parade scheduled to begin in a religious neighborhood in Jerusalem and conclude with a reception at the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the 850 plus members of the 70-year-old Rabbinical Alliance of America, issued the following statement:

For years now the imperial judiciary of Israel has demonstrated a clear bias against things and people religious and the traditional values and heritage of a Jewish people described in the Torah (Bible) as a “Nation of Priests and a Holy People”. The Israeli Government aided by a socially libertine Supreme Court, which may be to the left of Elana Kagan, constantly denigrates the religious sensibilities and faith concerns of not only traditional Jews worldwide but global inter-religious faith communities that consider Israel to be the “Holy Land not the Homo Land”.

Most recently the mayor of Tel Aviv joined the Israeli Minister of Tourism to announce the funding of an initial 6-month outreach effort to attract homosexual tourists from France and Germany.  So while the Torah state in Leviticus 18:22-30: “Let not the land vomit you out for having contaminated it” (with these abominations)…, the Israeli officials import as much deviance and immorality as they can, worldwide.

The latest outrage, the sodomy celebration in Jerusalem, specifically planned to begin in an ultra-religious neighborhood, is nothing less than the spiritual rape of the Holy Land with the active support of the Israeli State, her courts and her police.  This is just the next stage of confronting and silencing religious opposition locally and worldwide.

This Perversion Pride Parade would never be countenanced in Mecca, the Vatican, Karbala, or Moscow, where the mayor and Russian Orthodox Patriarch vigorously oppose it.  The “brave” “progressive” Israeli Government and Supreme Court would never dream of allowing the parade route to include Arab East Jerusalem or the Al Aksa Mosque.  The Moslem community locally and worldwide would never tolerate this.  Just ask Arab Knesset member Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsur.  Thus we see the Israeli elite treating religious Jews with less respect than their Arab co-citizens.

We are further outraged by the deafening silence of over 30 religious members of the Knesset including: the Shas party, Agudath Israel, Degel Hatorah, and the National Religious Camp.  Their taciturnity demonstrates de facto acquiescence to abomination thus spiritually endangering the residents of Israel who are surrounded by terrorists and enemies.  This also spiritually jeopardizes Jews worldwide.

Several years ago, Knesset members Meir Porush and Uri Ariel laid down in front of the parade to demonstrate at least token opposition to this sacrilege (disgrace).  Why can’t all religious and traditional office holders, national and local, gather for the glory of G-d and send a worldwide message of Defending the Holy Land?  They are also guilty of not addressing this blasphemy with appropriate legislation.  Shame on them!

We turn to Christian groups and leaders worldwide, i.e. the Vatican, the various Patriarchs, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, etc., to stand up and defend G-d’s Courtyard by bombarding the Israeli Prime Minister, Government officials and the mayor of Jerusalem with constant protest.

As for the Rabbinical Alliance, we urge continuous pressure on the Israeli government by Christian and religious potential tourists until the Israeli homosexualists decide:  IS ISRAEL TO BE THE WORLD CAPITAL OF HOLINESS OR HOMOSEXUALITY?

Backgrounder: Orthodox Jews in New York and New Jersey have been vigorously opposing this parade and religious Jews in Israel have had their petitions to the Supreme Court ignored.



Rabbi Levin Makes It To The TOP Of DrudgeReport.com



Press Release: Rabbis Urge Filibuster Against Homosexualization of the Military- As a Threat to Religious Liberty

For Immediate Release: 3 Tammuz 5770/ June 15, ‘10
Contact: Rabbi Yehuda Levin 718-469-6999 or 845-642-1679
Special Spokesman for Traditional Torah Family Values, RABBINICAL ALLIANCE OF AMERICA
In the wake of the recent Congressional votes to repeal the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the US Armed [...]. read full release on GodreignOverUs.com


Gays in the Military May Cause Disaster


Rabbi Yehuda Levin warns that natural disasters such as Haiti and 9-11 are linked to promiscuous behavior and homosexual excess based on ancient knowledge. Initiating an open "gays in the military " policy will hurt out military and may cause further disaster.


Rabbi Levin at the March for Life Rally - 2010