PressRelease- Rabbinical Alliance: Filibuster Defense Authorization; Boot Bostick

RABBINICAL ALLIANCE OF AMERICA For Immediate Release: Sept. 20, ’10 Contact: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Spokesman on Family Values: 718-469-6999 850 Rabbis Call On Senators Schumer and Gillibrand: 1. Tell Congress: Stop shoving the radical LGBT agenda down our throats – or else. 2. Hold hearings and fire Lt. Gen. Bostick from the Army.

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Rabbinical Alliance of America Dinner Speech 5770


Scarlet Letters of betrayal to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Rick Lazio, New York State Conservative Party, Grover Norquist etc... for advancing the homosexual agenda.

Transcript of the speech:

Part I
For many years the Rabbinical Alliance of America has been on the cutting edge of defending Torah true family values. Our 30 years of addresses to the March for Life; our organizing interreligious leaders in Jerusalem to oppose a yearly homosexual parade, the story of which appeared with a picture on the front page of the New York Times. Recently, we were the top story on Drudge for stating that Yelena Kagan is not kosher to serve on any court (and she still isn’t).
Tonight at the Rabbinical Alliance’s special yearly convocation attended by over 125 member Rabbis and their wives, we take the courageous stand in His honor of issuing our first annual “Scarlet Letters” to so called Conservatives who betray G-D’s family values by embracing segments of the militant homosexual agenda. We condemn Rush Limbaugh for endorsing homosexual unions. Although Glen Beck had a wonderful gathering at the Lincoln Memorial; his telling O’Reilly that he is not concerned or opposed to homosexual marriage is like someone donating 5 dollars to the collection box with his right hand and with his left hand he’s pulling out a twenty from the collection box hidden behind his back. It’s shocking, it’s painful and it’s inexcusable. The so-called American Conservative Union, which hosts the Washington, D.C., C-PAC gathering recently included a homosexual organization-a fifth column. ACU also earns a scarlet letter of betrayal. The same for Ann Coulter (whom we defended against accusations of anti-semitism) who will be addressing an event called Homo ConGoProud. Ms. Coulter is not anti-Jewish, she’s just plain anti-The Jewish G-D of the Torah whose principal enemy transgenerationally is Amalek (see Deuteronomy 25:17-19, & Rashi verse 18 that describes how Amalek contaminated the Jews through homosexuality). Grover Norquist is for lowering taxes but he promotes and raises the homosexual agenda. Rick Lazio is the Conservative Party candidate for Governor of New York; he opposes homosexual marriage but supports homosexual unions. He joins the heads of the once great Human Events magazine, who talk out of both sides of their mouths on this issue. We decry the increasing amount of times that the NY State Conservative Party has endorsed candidates like Lazio who support “regular” abortion and homosexual partnership. For too long, the party leadership has betrayed their founding principals and the overwhelming numbers of their membership.
We call upon other religious denominations to provide clear unambiguous moral/spiritual leadership and join us in clarifying that it is not acceptable to oppose partial birth abortion but to accept 99% of abortions on demand. Nor is it acceptable to play word games with G-D: marriage no, unions and partnership yes. We call on the Southern Baptist Convention, The Catholic Conference of Bishops, the AME and Black Church, The Greek and Russian Orthodox, we call upon you to stop tiptoeing around the issue. Choose sides loudly and emphatically; lead your flock and join the fray!
We honor the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, Worldnet Daily leaders Joseph Farah and David Kupelian who challenged Ann Coulter for her betrayal of principal. We also recognize Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth and Brian Komniker of Mass Resistance for their consistent totally uncompromised and uncompromising leadership in opposition to any and ALL aspects of the homosexual agenda.
The Conservative movement and religio-conservatives will not be successful in a return to G-dly values as long as they continue to tiptoe around this issue and make common cause with the “Scarlet Letter” crowd. I was shocked when I reached out to Mr. Winter at Human Events and he told me he supports civil unions and repeated several times that homosexuals aren’t evil. Mr. Winter, they are or aren’t any more or less evil than G-D in the Torah/Bible says they are. They are as evil as adulterers, pornographers, incest engagers, and the list goes on.
Michael Savage is the only national talk show host who continues to identify the dangers of the homosexual network and agenda. For this, he deserves our gratitude and respect.
Our ancient Rabbinic texts going back millennia declare that what sealed the decree of the Flood of Noah was when men began writing marriage contracts with fellow men and animals. It doesn’t say marriage, Mr. Winter, it says contracts, i.e. civil unions and domestic partnerships. I requested that Mr. Winter allow me to pen a guest column giving my side of the issue. He declined. So much for fairness and giving a chance for the religious perspective to be aired in even a long time Conservative venue. This is why we are losing even in the Conservative movement. Conservatism is based on G-Dly values. When we ignore His eternal values, He ignores us. We have more homosexual activity, more fornication and broken families. G-d deals measure for measure. We so-called “Conservatives” are much more responsible for the moral decline of society than are the most extreme liberals. Because the aquiescence and capitulation of those who officially stand with righteousness, is even more the cause of losing G-D’s grace.

Part II

The influence of the homosexualization of society is pernicious and is constantly making inroads even into the periphery of Orthodox Jewish society. There are organizations like Orthodykes, Gay Bisexual Transgendered Alumni of Yeshivas and Day schools, a Modern Orthodox Rabbi in Netanya who declares he’s homosexual, Yeshiva University hosts a night where 3 homosexuals address an overflow crowd of students, WABC talkshow host Shmueli Boteach tells Hawaiian Governor Linda Lingle that he urges her to sign domestic partnership legislation. What a desecration of G-d’s name and His values! Thankfully, the Jewish Lingle ignored Boteach; as we all should.
But the worst is the recent protocol authored by Nathaniel Helfgott and signed by Avi Weiss and 120 modern Orthodox Rabbis about respecting homosexual couples and their families within Orthodox Synagogues! This sacrilege comes because of the spiritual cause and effect of our right wing Orthodox organizations, Agudath Israel of America, Lubavitch, O.U., The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Satmar and all the Chasidic organizations, the Young Israel synagogue movement and dozens of local Rabbinic Organizations from Portland to Chicago to Missouri, who do not address these blasphemies! Thus they empower the desecration which occurs through the Boteachs and 120 Modern Orthodox. We are collectively guilty for our silence. This sacrilege occurred 1 month ago, to coordinate with another blasphemy, the profaning of Jerusalem, the Holy City, with the annual homosexual march. For one month, not one of the aforementioned Orthodox organizations protested either of these 2 occurrences. Shame on us!
Tonight, we of the Rabbinical Alliance of America once again take the lead and are “notel schar kneged kulam”(recipient of the spiritual reward of all who remain silent); we vigorously protest and condemn each and every breach in the wall of our faith through politically correct kowtowing or accommodating any aspect of the deviancy agenda.
In the merit of our protest, may we and all of Klal Yisroel be inscribed in the Book of Life for a healthy spiritually fulfilling year of Torah and activism.
At this time, we express our gratitude that at this late stage of the devolving culture in the liberal NY State and the city we call Sodom on the Hudson, we still have candidates who unlike Lazio, oppose abortion on demand and homosexual marriage under any other name. Former Congressman DioGuardi has reached out to the Orthodox Jewish community, and although the Alliance can’t endorse him, I can as an individual, and I urge everyone to check the view of each candidate regarding abortion on demand and civil unions before voting. Thank you!