RABBI YEHUDA LEVIN –Bio (Comprehensive)

1976- Rabbinical student, Yehuda Levin organizes an outreach class through Hillel House on the campus of Washington University, in St. Louis, MO.  The course is entitled “Applying Ancient Jewish Values to Contemporary Jewish Lifestyles.”  The St. Louis Post Dispatch and the Jewish Light give Rabbi Levin his first media interviews.

Rabbi Levin addresses the St. Louis Rabbinical College dinners in 1975-1976.  He is quoted by then Israeli U.N. Ambassador Chaim Herzog in his speech.  Rabbi Levin also presents Deputy Mayor of St. Louis Archie Blaine with an award.

1978- A Rabbinical student, Rabbi Levin is part of an interreligious delegation requesting outgoing New Hampshire conservative, Governor Meldrim Thomson initiate the first national pro-family/morality organization.
        On July 4, 1979, Dr. Jerry Falwell founded The Moral Majority.
        In 1981, Rabbi Levin founded the interreligious N.Y. based Family Defense Coalition.

Jan. 22, 1979 – Rabbi Levin delivers his first address at the March for Life.  He has done this 29 times in the last 32 years.
Rabbi Levin begins to represent the oldest Rabbinic Organization: The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the U.S. and Canada.
Over the ensuing 33 years, Rabbi Levin has represented the aforementioned organization or the 70 year old Rabbinical Alliance of America (Igud Harabonim) as a spokesmanadvocating for Torah (Biblical) family values.

1980- Rabbi Levin spends half of his honeymoon year in Jerusalem, Israel.

1981- RL begins an on and off career as a Jewish radio talk show host and social/political commentator in New York City.

1982- RL organizes an interruption of the rally of LT Governor Mario Cuomo (NY stateGubernatorial Candidate) over his support of pro-homosexual legislation/executive order.
The NY Times and other papers reported “Cuomo’s day marred in Brooklyn.”  

1982- Human Events and other media report Rabbi Levin’s offer to Nebraska prison officials at holiday time to substitute for prisoners jailed for supporting home schooling.

1982- Rabbi Levin is invited to join national pro-life leaders meeting President Reagan in the White House Cabinet Room.

1983- Rabbi Levin is invited by Pro Life students to a Pro-Life rally preceding the first Democratic Primary debate at Harvard University.  After the debate, RL confronts candidate Jesse Jackson.  This is the first of various pressure tactics Levin employs to get Rev. Jackson to intercede with Syrian dictator Hafetz El Assad to release several Jewish prisoners.  Jackson successfully obtains release of downed American flyer Robert Goodman on Jan. 3, 1984.  Levin lobbies Arnold Pinkney, Jackson’s campaign manager, and travels to Washington to meet with Jackson’s staffer Lisa Levine.  Levin has black N.Y. politicians importune Jackson to urge Asad to release the Jews.  The NY Daily News reports that Jackson indicates he plans to do so.  Days later, his Hymietown remarks cause a tumult.  Jackson drops his plans to help the Jews.  The prisoners are killed.

1983- Rabbi Levin’s threat to run against liberal Brooklyn Assemblyman Dan Feldmanresults in him heeding Levin’s demands and he co-sponsors the NY State Schmidt-Feldman Minor Display Law.  This mandates magazine racks covering all but the titles of pornographic magazines.

1983- RL leads clergy takeover of Governor Cuomo’s conference room, on the centennial of the Brooklyn Bridge.  RL obtains pledge that the Governor will meet clergy re: proposed “homosexual privileges executive order”.
The Rabbi takes a page out of the Al Sharpton/Berkley radical “office takeover” artists!

1983- After 2 stormy meetings (total of 5 hours), that Governor Cuomo holds with RL and his interreligious clergy associates more than a year after RL’s original protest in Boro Park, NY Times reports: “Cuomo declares rights for homosexuals; Rabbi declares threat to the family”.
The article’s author Josh Barbenel points out that the Governor specifically issued his order late Friday shortly before the Jewish Sabbath.  RL comments in the NY Times: “Cuomo’s actions will not play well in Peoria and will stymie his presidential ambitions.” 

1983- Rabbi Levin organizes meeting of rabbis and doctors with Dr. Edward Brandt, Deputy Secretary of HHS and Surgeon General Dr. Edward Koop on the subject of Aids.  RL requests that the Reagan White House employ strict measures to protect the nationalblood supply and prevent the spread of Aids; (such as closing down all homosexual bathhouses).  If the Rabbi’s advice would have been followed, millions would have been spared!

1984- A. January 1-Rabbi Levin goes to NYC Hall and holds an outdoor press conference to present Mayor Ed Koch (in abstentia) with the Scrooge award for defunding the Salvation Army and other religious institutions which wouldn’t sign a pledge to hire open homosexuals.  
Koch shows up!  Rabbi Levin poses next to him (as seen in a picture which appears in the NYC Tribune) holding the award, as Koch tries to explain his position to the media on a super slow news day; which results in huge coverage of the conference.

B. Rabbi Levin joins Catholics in an Amicus brief defending the religious organizations.

1984- After the California Legislature passes a statewide homosexual law which is sent to Governor Deukmejian for his signature, Rabbi Levin publicizes a national press release as spokesman for the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, calling on the Governor to veto the anti-family bill.  The next day the AP and USA Today reports are on the Governor’s desk and he ultimately vetoes the bill.

1984- Rabbi Levin, a Democrat, lobbies the White House, Senator Jesse Helms, Roy Cohen, etc. to wrest away the Brooklyn Republican Congressional line from a party hack.   Rabbi Levin runs against powerful liberal Congressman Steven Solarz, and costs him $220,000 (1984$!).  
As a result, Solarz removes his sponsorship of the national homosexual privileges bill for the next 6 years.  McLoughlin reports that in the aftermath of the election, liberal Solarz,author of the Dear Comandante Ortega letter, out Reaganed the Reagan White House in his newfound anti-communism.

1984- When it is announced that Bishop O’Connor of Scranton, PA, is the newly appointed Archbishop of N.Y., 30 year old Rabbi Levin organizes a group of senior Rabbis who travel with him to meet O’Conner and brief him on the moral climate in N.Y.
This begins a historic relationship of Orthodox clergy working closely with O’Conner and other Catholics to defend family values.
Shortly after his first visit to N.Y., the Bishop is accused of “insensitivity” to Jews because of his abortion holocaust analogy.  RL defends the Archbishop designate in an interview with Gerald Krosen, then editor in chief of Religious News Service.

1984- When presidential candidate, Senator John Glen, holds a fundraiser in NYC, militant homosexuals stage a protest because Glen has not (yet) endorsed their agenda.
A NY homosexual newspaper shows RL and a Rabbinic delegation supporting/meeting/encouraging the Senator to hold firm.
Unfortunately, in 1998, Glen capitulates and Rabbi Levin, speaking at the National Press Club (and covered be C SPAN and AP, etc.), denounces the former astronaut/hero as becoming “Lost in Space”.

1984- At a Jews for Morality dinner in Brooklyn, RL presents awards to several black NYC councilmen, to express Jewish gratitude for their votes against special privileges/recognition for homosexuals.

1984- RL discovers that Dr. Brandt, Undersecretary of Health, is planning on representing the White House at a radical homosexual dinner in San Francisco.  Also in attendance will be anti-religious transvestite, Sister Boom Ba.  While other conservative organizations are quiet, RL alerts the press and complains to the White House, and Dr. Brandt cancels his plans to present the group with an award!

1985- NYC Mayor Ed Koch promotes the homosexual agenda.  Rabbi Levin opposes him on the “Right to Life line” capturing the headlines/pictures in the NY Times, Daily News, and New York Post in the only debate; sponsored by the NY Times.
      Koch writes about this in his books “Politics”.  The Rabbi is quoted as telling Koch: “You run NYC like a giant Greenwich Village Singles Bar”…

1985- Rabbi Levin initiates a daily ongoing interreligious protest outside St. Marks Bathhouses demanding its closure as a health hazard.
       The Rabbi initiates an Article 78- Mandamus lawsuit against Mayor Koch (NY Daily News-Election Day Nov. 1985).  Mayor Koch closes the bathhouse for a year; saving many lives.  To demonstrate that he isn’t anti-homosexual, Koch also sends in health inspectors and ultimately also closes the notorious heterosexual Plato’s Retreat; which never opens again.   That closure also saves lives and prevents debauchery.

1985- Three days before the mayoral election, NYC Mayor Koch campaigns in Ultra Orthodox Boro Park, Brooklyn.  RL and his allies hold an excommunication ceremony to highlight Koch’s pro-homosexual agenda stances.  (Koch writes about the event in his book Politics).
There is wide media print and audio coverage of the excommunication.

1985- The same day that the NY Post headline screams “New Sex EGuidelinesBombshell, Rabbi Levin heads a group which sits in at Chancellor of Education Anthony Alvarado’s office, negotiating a meeting with Charlotte Frank, Director of Curriculum.  When Mrs. Frank comes out of the elevator, she is waylaid by a Channel 9 cameraman and is asked to respond to RL’s accusation.  Rabbi Levin had told the reporter: “The Board of Ed curriculum considers our children whores and our teachers pimps and madams.  The only concern is: Do it without getting sick or pregnant. SHAME!”

1985- Dr. Jerry Falwell requests an approbation for his pro-life book, “If I Should Die Before I Wake”.  Rabbi Levin’s comments appear on the book jacket/cover.

1986- Post mayoral election, the NY Times, recognizing Rabbi Levin’s leadership in the pro-family movement, invites him to write the op-ed piece opposing NYC pro-homosexual legislation.  
Rabbi Levin writes; “A moral wrong can not be the basis of a civil right”.  Cardinal O’Conner writes to thank the Rabbi for representing the entire faith community.

1986- When President Reagan is strongly criticized by Jews for his planned trip to Bitburg, Germany, Rabbi Levin defends him in the NY Post and in an op-ed piece in USA Today.
        Rabbi Levin is featured prominently in the May 7, 1986, edition of USA Today following the President’s speech at Bitburg in which he denounced Nazism.
This is the first but not the last time Rabbi Levin will take a position that is anathema to many of his coreligionists nationwide; when he feels it is the correct thing to do(in consultation with his senior Rabbinic teachers).

1986August 7, Rabbi Levin travels to Columbia, South Carolina, to pray for rain on the Capitol steps in the face of a severe drought across the South.  
The next 4 days featured huge rainfall and the drought was declared over 4 days later.  See the documentary video on the site, godreignoverus.com.

1986-Rabbi Levin garners headlines when he testifies in front of the NYC Council in opposition to homosexual privileges legislation.
RL arranges for ten Chasidic Jews situated in the City Hall balcony to rise and turn their backs on the pro-homosexual testimony of Mayor Edward Koch.  The NY Post plasters the picture across 2 pages!
Levin infuriates the committee chairman when he states: “Koch is infecting the city with a case of moral aids!”  Pointing his finger at Chairman Sam Horowitz, Levin refuses to be silenced and the brouhaha is promptly reported in the media.

1986-October 9, Rabbi Levin fulfills a promise made in a NY Times article written by religion reporter Ari Goldman, in which the Rabbis pledged to give NY Auxiliary Bishop O’Keefe a Son of Noah Award for banning Gov. Mario Cuomo from receiving any honor in a Catholic Church.
The event is covered by a NYC T.V. station, as well as in print media.

1986- Rabbi Levin appears on Channel 5 Midday with Bill Boggs. Alone in a room filled with 200 members of the Latino community and 5 of their leaders, RL defends the Chasidic community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which has aroused their ire by building a “segregating wall” in the middle of a shared public school facility.  At the end of the program, various Latinos congratulate the Rabbi.

1986- The Heterick Martin Institute for the Protection of Gay Youth sends out a fundraising letter celebrating the progress of their radical agenda.  “Only 3 people stand in our way:  Jerry Fallwell, Cardinal O’Connor and Rabbi Levin...” RL is merely 30 years younger than the other 2 clergy and is also a few hundred thousand adherents short as well!

1986-Rabbi Levin has a live T.V. debate with ultra liberal Balfour Brikner, Reform clergyman and head of the Stephen Wise synagogue, on the subject of the NYC homosexual privileges legislation.  Brickner “enjoys” the debate so much that he refers to RL as a “horses a…”

1987- Rabbi Levin travels to Michigan to protest the production and legalizing of the RV-242/abortiofacient pill.

1988- May 3, New York Newsday features a full color front page picture of RL holding a sign: “Rabbis demand rights for the pre-born” during an Operation Rescue event at a NYC abortion clinic in which 800 were arrested.  
The front page picture is so striking that for years Newsday was reproducing it in an ad to generate subscriptions.

1988- Randal Terry of Operation Rescue invites RL to a huge event in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. Fallwell and other Christian leaders announced they would get arrested and RL was supposed to join them as a prominent pro-life Jewish Rabbi.  Unfortunately, most major Christian leaders didn’t show up.  Dr. Fallwell held a press conference and left town.  Rabbi Levin was ready, but it never happened.

1989-March 5, Philadelphia Inquirer article entitled “Anti Abortionists May Shun Abingdon Hospital” cites Rabbi Levin leading a pro-life rally and testifying in front of the hospital board against their abortion policy.  This is one of the many activities that the Rabbi has taken on to represent Torah values nationally and internationally.
Amongst other cities where the Rabbi has appeared and has been featured in the media:London, Toronto, Dallas, Houston, Rochester, Buffalo, Portland, Rome, Jerusalem,Trenton, Montreal, Providence, Rhode Island, New Haven, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, and Baltimore.

1990- Rabbi Levin participates in Rescues at Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. and testifies at a court case on behalf of imprisoned Rescuers.

1991- Rabbi Levin travels to Burlington, Vermont, visits imprisoned Rescuers, and hold a press conference.  Prisoners serenade RL with a guitar as they sing Hava Nagilah.

1991- Culture Wars:  The Struggle to Define America by James Davison Hunter is still used as a college textbook (!)  In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Hunter chooses 3 Conservatives who epitomize this culture war.  One of those is Rabbi Yehuda Levin.
Clearly the Rabbi is recognized as a leading national cultural warrior!

1991-August 27, Newsday reports “Racial Rift Sails to City Hall Steps”. Levin lashes out at Mayor Dinkins, and calls for the arrest of black activists who incite violence in Crown Heights.  Surrounded by Guardian Angels, RL called for interracial patrols/Guardian Angels in Crown Heights.  A check of media will show that RL’s press conference may have been one of the very first on the steps of City Hall to criticize Mayor Dinkins forallowing the rioters to “vent”/riot in Crown Heights for 3 days!

1991- Rabbi Levin founds a religious organization “Get Free” to help Jewish women and men having difficulty with a religious divorce.  Tens of people are helped.  RL continues this work, gratis, some 21 years later.

1992- Jan. 13, Syracuse Herald Journal: “Debate is muted as Abortion Foes meetSupporters.  Rabbi Levin protests outside Syracuse Planned Parenthood and a synagogue supporting abortion.  RL says, “It’s deceptive to make people think that traditional Judaism supports abortion on demand.

1992-Sept. 22- The Oregonian (Portland, OR) reports that Rabbi Levin is brought to Oregon by Oregon Citizens Alliance to support Measure 9 which would outlaw future pro homosexual legislation.  Rabbi Levin appears on Christian radio and urges the visiting Rev.Billy Graham to support the measure.  Rabbi Levin debates Rev. Jesse Jackson on the local CBS affiliate.
Rabbi Levin is brought back a second time to appear on T.V. shortly before the vote.

1993- April 23, Newsday: School Elections Stir Interest.  Rabbi Levin and Jews for Morality join the Catholic Church in distributing Rev. Pat Robertson’s voting guides in advance of school board elections in NYC.  The purpose is to oppose the pro-homosexual Rainbow Curriculum which promotes a K-12 immoral agenda.  RL is referenced in the NY Times and other media.

1993- May 15, Newsday: “The World According to Pat.”  Rabbi Levin participates in the2 Day convention: Winning the Culture War, which launches Pat Buchanan’s organization,the American Cause.  Rabbi Levin delivers the invocation and then appears on a panel with Buchanan and William Kristol, then Chief of Staff of Vice President Dan Quayle.  The subject of the panel discussion is “Why Conservatives aren’t winning?”  

Rabbi Levin electrifies the crowd when he declares: “In between Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh’s Snapple advertisements, he delivers semi pornographic double entendres.  National Review founder Bill Buckley’s book Hail to the Queen contains debauched bedroom misbehavior and high school students in prominent religious schools have virtual mini skirts as part of their school uniform, in a co-ed setting.  Any wonder our side is losing?”  
Bill Kristol stood up and declared: “I never thought I’d meet a Rabbi to the right of Pat Buchanan!”

1993- National Right to Life Committee presents its first Proudly Pro Life Award to Cardinal O’Conner at NY City’s Waldorf Astoria.  In his remarks, Cardinal O’Conner singles out his friend Rabbi Yehuda Levin and his pro-life activities as being worthy to receive the award as well.

1994- Rabbi Levin leads a protest against N.Y.S. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in his Lower East Side NYC district and presents him (in absentia) with the Silver Scissors Award for his championing of partial birth abortion in defiance of Orthodox Jewish values.

1995- Cardinal O’Connor invites Rabbi Levin to meet Pope John Paul II at his Manhattan residence.  The Pope salutes the Rabbi’s pro-life work, telling him: “Evangelum Vitea”, Evangelize for Life!

1995- Rabbi Levin speaks at the Human Life International Convention in Montreal, Canada, and defends founder Fr. Paul Marx from untrue accusations of anti-Semitism.  RL points out that Fr. Marx worked with Rabbis in Israel and provided funds to save Jewish babies from abortion.

1996- Bay Buchanan requests Rabbi Levin be a national co-chair of the BuchananPresidential campaign.  LA Times writer David Broder calls the Rabbi: “the Loneliest Jew in America”.  Rabbi Levin champions Buchanan’s emphasis on family values.  
Once again RL takes a position opposed by overwhelming numbers of his own coreligionists!

1996Sept. 13: The Washington Times publishes an article entitled 63 Bishops Urge an Override of (Clinton’s veto of) the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.
In the story, Rabbi Levin is quoted as representing Orthodox Rabbis in encouraging the ban of this murderous procedure.

1997- Sept. 7, NY Daily News reports, “Rabbi’s Suit Threatens Jewish Museum Debut.”  Rabbi Levin and allies initiate a federal lawsuit to prevent the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Battery Park, NYC, because of exhibits equating several thousand homosexual political prisoners in concentration camps (who bullied and victimized Jewish victims in the camps according to Eli Wiesel’s book: NIGHT), with the six million Jewish martyrs.
This effort is covered by much media from the NY Times to NPR’s Bob Edwards on Sept. 15 and internationally by Reuters.

1997- The Jewish Bulletin of Northern California reports how RL testifies in front of a Congressional Committee requesting they defund the newly built US Holocaust Museum if it continues to equate a small group of homosexual political inmates in the concentration camps with the six million Jewish victims of Nazis.

1997- Rabbi Levin brings former Congressman Bob Dornan to Israel carrying letters from Senator Helms, Senator DeWine and Congressman Smith to try to influence Israeli leaders to enforce their anti-abortion laws.

1997- Rabbi Levin joins Father Paul Marx at the Human Life International Convention in Minneapolis.  The April 10 edition of the Star Tribune cites RL as defending the HLI founder from spurious charges of anti-Semitism.
Rabbi Levin challenges Archbishop Harry Flynn regarding these false assertions by pro-abortion Jewish liberals.

1998- June 24: Mayor Giuliani and the NYC Council pass a domestic partnership law.  Rabbi Levin leads 15 Rabbis in a prayer service held on the steps of City Hall, covered by the NY Times, front page of the New York Post, etc.  Levin pleads for Divine Mercy for the city, publicly expressing the fear of a future city centered catastrophe.

1998-August 13, AP and media report Rabbi Levin’s participation in a National PressClub conference sponsored by the Family Research Council.
A clergy coalition outlines plans to oppose the militant homosexual political agenda.  The entire event is broadcast on C-SPAN.

2000- When the Catholic Church/Vatican is threatened by Liberals and reprobate Catholicswith losing their NGO status at the UN, Rabbi Levin defends them at an exclusive UN press conference.
April 13, The Daily Oklahoma publishes an article entitled: “At the UN: Faith Groups rally for the Vatican.

2000-Oct. 25, The Washington Times in an item titled “Holy Joe, NO”, features RL clarifying that Vice Presidential candidate Senator Joseph Lieberman is a social ultra liberal whose positions on partial birth abortion and the homosexual agenda are antithetical to Orthodox Judaism.
Much media including Worldnet Daily carry the story of a Rabbinic Court that excommunicates Lieberman.

2002- July 22: Rabbi Levin speaks on Toronto’s Olympic Island to a World Youth for Life Day, which coincides with the Pope’s visit to Canada.  Despite a serious rainstorm, the Rabbi inspires youth with discussions about chastity, modesty and modern day holiness.

2002- Pro-Life activists bring RL down to Florida to advocate on behalf of Terry Schiavo, whose husband Michael wants to starve her to death.  At a press conference, Rabbi Levin asks the following questions:
“If death by electric chair is a cruel and inhumane punishment, what is death by starvation?  A party? A Bar Mitzvah?  
How many hoops do you have to jump through in the US to earn the right to be fed?
Terrorists won’t get death by starvation, why Terry?”

2002The Sept. 10, Topeka Capitol Journal reports on Rabbi Levin’s visit to Topeka to help locals defeat a proposed pro-homosexual ordinance.

2003The Jan. 23- York Dispatch highlights RL addressing 100,000 Marchers for Life at the annual D.C. event.
The Rabbi refers to Senator Lieberman’s presidential run and declares, “G-d forbid you should be president!”

2003- July 29, Washington Times reports RL criticizing NYC Mayor Bloomberg for opening an all “homosexual” high school in NYC thus affirming that the teens are conclusively homosexual; when in fact their sexual identities are still very much fluid according to experts.

2003- August 18, Rabbi Levin travels to Montgomery, Alabama, to support 10 Commandments Chief Judge Roy Moore.  The Rabbi’s Friday press conference with theJudge is featured on CNN throughout the entire weekend.
On Saturday, the Rabbi sits with Jerry Falwell, Alan Keyes and other leaders at a large outdoor rally but doesn’t address the assemblage because it’s his Sabbath.

2004- Jan. 22 (lifesitenews.com): Jewish Rabbi Levin Delivers Most Rousing Speech at Washington March for Life.  Rabbi Levin does a reprise of Dr. M. L. King’s “I Had a Dream” speech, applying it to abortion.  The speech is posted on Rabbilevin.com on June 3, 2012.

2004- May 14, Rabbi Levin travels to Massachusetts and is featured Friday, Sunday and Monday in local and national media as a leading face of the opposition to same gender marriage which begins Mon. May 17.  Rabbi Levin has a short debate with leading homosexual marriage radical Evan Wolfson on Foxnews. (See video on youtube godreignoverus.com, “Gay Marriage Heated Debate 5/04 Fox Interview”)

2004-Nov. 16, Front page story on World Net Daily: Rabbis, Gun Owners oppose Specter.  “Arlen Specter is the wrong man, in the wrong place at the wrong time”, said Rabbi Yehuda Levin regarding Specter’s leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

2005- Rabbi Levin commissions an Israeli poll which says NO to a homosexual parade in Jerusalem.  (March 24, WND) Levin also meets with and criticizes Jerusalem’s Mayor for not doing enough to stop the parade.

2005-Rabbi Levin helps coordinate a major international Jerusalem press conferenceattended by 2 Israeli Chief Rabbis, Christian Patriarchs, the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Pietro Sambi and leading Arab clergy opposing the Homosexual Parade.  The story is featured with a photo on the front page of the NY Times. Levin declares:  Israel is the Holy Land; not the Homo Land. (Israelis refer to themselves as homos and lesbs).  “This is the attempted spiritual rape of the Holy Land.”

2005- Jan. 23, (A day after addressing the March for Life...) Rabbi Levin writes to the President of Poland on behalf of the Orthodox Union of Rabbis to protest allowing ultra feminist pro-abortion Holocaust survivor Simone Veil of France to speak at the 60thanniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.  RL wrote “having brought about the legalization of abortion in France…she is responsible for an ongoing destruction of human life far in exceeding that of the Nazis.” (A copy of the letter is available through Wikipedia/U.O.R.)

2005- Rabbi Levin issues a call on behalf of 1200 Rabbis of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis and the Rabbinical Alliance of America requesting that the Bush Bros. (Governor and President) intervene to save Terry Schiavo from death by starvation.  Upon her death, radio talk show host Michael Savage tracks Rabbi Levin down at Lud Airport in Israel and interviews him while he is standing at the ticket counter!

April 2005- Rabbi Levin joins Don Feder, Barry Farber, and Mona Charen at a NationalPress Club press conference announcing the inauguration of Jews Against Anti-ChristianDefamation.

2006- June 20, Lifesitenews.com: Rabbi Calls Palestinians to Join in Protecting Holy Land from Homosexual Activism.  In a historic press conference in Jerusalem, Rabbi Levin brings together Rabbis from Italy, Russia, Israel, South America, etc., as well as Arab leaders and Knesset members such as MK Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsour to oppose theJerusalem Homosexual Parade.  Sheik Hamid Bitawi, a rightwing Palestinian Parliamentarian joins the conference by phone.  An item in the Time magazine, by Aaron Klein, explains just how unusual this Levin catalyzed coalition is.

2006Rabbi Levin fights to cancel Jerusalem Homosexual Parade, (July 19, WND).
Nov. 10, Rabbi Levin creates a huge backlash against a homosexual parade in the streets ofJerusalem. Working with Arab and Jewish Knesset Members (Parliament), Arab Clergy, the Vatican, the Papal Nuncio and Orthodox Jews, etc., Rabbi Levin’s efforts across the board results in the cancellation of the yearly homosexual parade.  The gathering is pushed off the streets of Jerusalem and into a stadium at the “edge of town”.  
Rabbi Levin goes to the stadium, gets through 3 rings of police and with a Channel 2 cameraman in tow, arrives at the very entrance of the stadium.  Rabbi Levin proceeds to hold an impromptu 45 minute press conference with world media in attendance. Rabbi Levin declares opposition to the “spiritual rape and attempted homosexualization” of the Holy Land.  Coverage in America includes the NY Times and CNN.  The 1 man conference receives worldwide coverage.

2006- An Israeli Channel 2 documentary shown worldwide focuses on the opposing sides in the struggle surrounding the Jerusalem homosexual parade.  The documentary highlights Rabbi Levin as the leading religious protagonist.  It features Levin’s trip to an Arab village to enlist the support of leading anti-Israel cleric Tayser Tammimi and his facedown with Jerusalem police chief Franco at the Israeli Supreme Court.

2007- Jan. 2, Rabbi Levin visits the Vatican for the first time, meets with prominent Catholic clergy and is invited on Vatican radio.  He calls for a new Catholic-Jewish Ecumenism based not on theology, history or apologies; but rather on uniting to restore the religio/cultural standards of respect for life and family values. (Lifesitenews.com, Jan. 26)

2007- Rabbi Levin is deemed one of the 10 most important people of the year by Inside the Vatican magazine.  Rabbi Levin is #8 right before Otto Von Hildenbrad.  (See full text on Rabbilevin.com posted Jan. 25, 2007.)

2007- Lifesitenews.com: On May 14, at a massive 1.5 million person Italian protest against homosexual unions, parts of Rabbi Levin’s letter of support are read to the crowd.  
Rabbi Levin refers to the militant homosexual activist efforts to tear down Biblical family values as “domestic moral terrorism”.

2008- Jan. 25, Lifesitenews.com: The website reprises Rabbi Levin’s address to the onehundred thousand March for Life attendees and millions more on C-SPAN, etc.  RL callson the Pope to outlaw voting for pro abortion/pro deviance politicians.  This could jumpstart an interreligious counter revolution!

2008- Prominent Rabbis condemn what Rabbi Levin terms the (Dis)”order of Canada” Award to Abortionist (July 9, Lifesitenews.com).  Rabbi Levin, in the name of 1000 Rabbis, condemns the awarding of the Order of Canada to horrific abortionist “Dr. Death” Henry Morgentaler.

2008-August 28, Lifesitenews.com: Prominent Rabbi Says Lieberman Excommunication Still in Effect.  Fearing that McCain would consider nominating his close friend Senator Joseph Lieberman as his Vice Presidential choice, Rabbi Levin recalls the excommunication of Lieberman for his pro abortion and homosexual agenda stands in 2000 and indicates thatit is still in effect.

2008- Oct, When the French government decides to induct Simone Veil feminist pro-abortion Holocaust survivor into the French Academy, pro-life French organizations publicize Rabbi Levin’s opposition, speaking in the name of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis. (letter from French pro-life group is posted on rabbilevin.com.)

2009- (Feb. 10, Lifesitenews.com): Rabbi Levin Speaks on Pope Benedict Controversy: Leftist Catholics Using Jews to Attack the Pope.  Rabbi Levin defends the Pope from charges of anti-Semitism leveled at him when a Bishop he rehabilitated was discovered to be a Holocaust denier.  (See also: Left Wing of the Catholic Church Destroying the Faith, Says Orthodox Rabbi.” Lifesitenews.com, Feb. 11)

2009- May 24, Rabbi Levin introduces a historic ban at a Convocation of the Rabbinical Alliance of America. It forbids voting for pro-homosexual agenda politicians. (See youtube video on G-d Reign Over Us.)

2010-June 16, Front Page Story on World Net Daily: 850 Rabbis: Open Homosexuals inMilitary, Rebellion against G-d” Rabbi Levin, spokesman.

2010- June 24, Rabbi Levin declares Judge Yelena Kagan “not kosher” for the Supreme Court.  Story makes it to the top of the Drudge report. (see Lifesitenews.com and rabbilevin.com)

2010- July 29, (Lifesitenews.com), Orthodox Rabbi (Levin) Criticizes Jewish Statement Encouraging Inclusion of Open Homosexuals (in Jewish institutions and synagogues).

2010- Rabbi Levin’s endorsement and subsequent withdrawal of his support for Republican Carl Paladino’s gubernatorial run in New York, garners international headlines including several stories and a profile in the NY Times.
The Rabbi’s press conference outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, in which Levin scored Paladino’s capitulation to the homosexual activists, drew some 30 reporters.

2010- Dec. 22, Lifesitenews.com: Rabbi Levin apologizes to America for Senator Joseph Lieberman’s promotion of open homosexuals in the military and his attributing this to his Judaism.  
Levin brands Lieberman an apostate and urges Christian leaders to publicly reprove their “apostates” as well.

2011- NY State passes a homosexual marriage bill.  At a final protest march in Manhattan, on the day the bill was implemented, radical homosexual activist Andrew Humm approaches Rabbi Levin and tells him: “You and a handful of others held up this bill for 15 years”.

2011- Rabbis call Romney a dangerous homosexualist, front page WND Dec. 29.  View the actual event, Dec. 28, 2011, on Rabbilevin.com.

2012- Rabbi Levin is mentioned in robo-calls to thousands of households in Alabama and the South, criticizing presidential candidates Mitt Romney’s love affair with the entire radical homosexual agenda.
Rabbi Levin electrifies crowds in N.Y.(March) and Huntsville, AL (June) at Freedom of Religion rallies.
Rabbi Levin strongly criticizes N.J. Governor Chris Christie for playing both sides of the homosexual marriage issue by promising a veto, while on the same day nominating an open homosexual activist judge Bruce Harris for one of the highest state judicial positions.
In a stinging rebuke to Christie, who actually removed a pro-family Republican and replaced him (on the Senate judiciary comm..) with a pro-homosexual Republican; and despite all the craven Republicans who voted for him including U.S. Senatorial CandidateKryloss, Harris loses by one vote!

2012- June 6, Lifesitenews.com quotes Rabbi Levin scoring the liberal Rabbinical Assembly of the Jewish Conservative denomination as “crazies who long since abandoned the faith of their grandfathers.”  The Assembly published guidelines embracing homosexual marriage.