Rabbis Ban Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual Politicians

Oldest Rabbinic Group in U.S. Bans Voting for Anti-Family Values Candidates

On the eve of Super Tuesday the oldest Orthodox Jewish Rabbinic organization in the country issued a historic declaration.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the U.S. and Canada issued the following statement:

"It is very important for our community to demonstrate its appreciation for our wonderful country by exercising our civic obligation to vote. However, it is even more important that we do not support any candidate whose position is in any way antithetical to our Torah based morality. Candidates who support abortion on demand, the homosexual agenda, liberal attitudes towards pornography of any sort -- are antithetical to our way of life and it is forbidden to support or vote for them.

"Our former president, internationally acknowledged as the premier legal decisor, Rabbi Moshe Feinstien was most vigorous in condemning abortion on demand and the homosexual agenda and we take his legacy as our guide.

"If one has to vote in an election or primary where both candidates are anti-Biblical family values, G-d forbid, that they use the "lesser of two evils" approach. Rather, let the voter cast a write-in protest vote, but do not compromise by voting for the "lesser evil". If we value the purity and holiness of our children and grandchildren, we dare not compromise.

"It is our sincere hope that not only our own Jewish community, but our fellow citizens of all faiths, and their leaders, will draw a line in the sand and institute policies forbidding voting for anti-traditional family-values candidates. We are confident that were this policy instituted, within one or two election cycles, we would find many more pro-family candidates on every level of government."


A Chasidic Rabbinic group, the Central Rabbinical Congress of U.S. and Canada issued a similar manifesto in March of 1982 which they advertised in the New York Daily News. Similar declarations were issued by Rabbis in New York as recently as 2005.
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J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

Rabbi Levin,

I agree with a lot of what you say and do.

But why don't you also speak out against the insidious coverup of child molestation and rape in our communities?

And why couldn't you go to rabbis a long time before the concert, not two weeks before, causing tremendous losses & chilul hashem?

ALl the best,
J. Izrael

Anonymous said...

Shalom Rabbi Levin,

As a Catholic Christian I'd like to thank you for speaking out for Pro-life & defending Pope Benedict from the enemies of the Church who are bound and determined to construe his attempt to reconcile with SSPXers as an imprimatur on "Bishop" Williamson's evil fruitcake denials of the Shoah.

"Catholic" gay activist Sullivan has been promulgating this lie for over a week.

Meanwhile, "Bishop" Willie has been feeling the squeeze: public ridicule (richly deserved), loss of his position at a seminary he should never have been allowed to teach at, and (best of all) a big concerted push by the SSPX leadership to flush out the anti-semitic flakatoids who constitute far too big a percentage of the ranks of Rad Trads. That's a promising beginning. I hope the squeeze continues till Williamson recants his Jew-hatred and makes a real apology and not merely a "Gee! I'm just so darn committed to truth that I let my passion for honesty embarrass the Church" crapola.
Otherwise he is in danger of being on the receiving end of G_d's Justice instead of His Mercy.

Thank you for speaking out. HaShem be with you always!

PS You have a new Gentile fan! Moi!

Anonymous said...

As a catholic Jew, it is some times easy to be despised by both communities. Yet I can not turn away from Israel - I hope for a unity government because a return to violence would be a disaster. Tzipi said, that if we do not make peace in hebrew it will be forced upon us in another tounge. The fight for life isn't just about abortion or homosexuality - both of which are essential - but about covenant unity. These despicable practices fragment the bonds of life and blessing destroying the image and likeness of G-D within us - breeding conflict and death. These are the just fruits of moral confusion. May Israel know peace so that she can give it to the nations!

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