Anti-Jewish Play... Continued

In response to a letter I wrote a high school student wrote the following:

I am a student at Concord Carlisle High School in Massachusetts, and in December of last year, my school put on a production of musical "Falsettos" which, if you are unfamiliar with the play, is about a Jewish family in New York experiencing troubles because of sexuality. There is a woman my town who believes that this play "defamed the Jewish religion and people" and is asking for a letter of apology to be written to the Rabbinical Alliance because we put on this play. I would like to know if you find this play offensive toward your religion. Personally, I don't see anything in it that should be taken offensively, but I'd like to know your opinion. It is a play about accepting people who are homosexual as people on equal terms  with heterosexual persons, so unless you find gays offensive, I see nothing in this play that condemns the Jewish faith. The woman running this petition is known to be a homophobic member of MassResistance, an anti-gay group based in Waltham. If this play is in any way offensive to you, I'm very sorry.Thank you for your time and consideration. 
Meghan G. 

Here is my response:
I wrote the letter. Jews are referred to in the bible as a nation of priests & holy people. we are told" be holy because i your God am holy." this " play" is pure smut & antithetical to bi blical values for which jews died in inquisitions holocaust etc. frankly i believe that devout moslem s & christians both of whom base major parts of their religions on our values & our torah would feel equally offended if their religion where debased in the play. i assume if this exact play would be about you , your parents , grandparents siblings, etc. & whatever religious or moral values you 'subscribe' to you or they [certainly your grandparents] would be outraged. nice of you to write ,but saying im sorry as if that is a magic wand which somehow erases the insult & the pain... it does not ,at all. furthermore to add insult to injury ,you act as judge & rule that unless we stand with the petition & mass resistance [we proudly do!] there's nothing else offensive about this , debased , debauched smut.this attitude reflects your obvious lack of elemental values which your own antecedents going back millennia adhered to.its quite immature& frankly very self centered in not being able to understand another group's pain or values. how sad.
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