Rabbi Levin : Bill O'reilly " meshuganeh"/crazy for his Pro homosexual Attack on family values

Rabbi Yehuda Levin strongly defends Sandy Rios & the pro family group One Million Moms for criticizing JC Penny which appointed "married" out lesbian activist Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson. Levin refers to Bill O'reilly as"meshugenah Bill" who is contradicting the philosophy ,standards & values of his own Catholic Church. Levin also points out other O'reilly
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Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct about O'Reilly. And the homosexual agenda, and everything else you speak about.
But as you well know, he s not alone when it comes to amorality or as it is referred to: moral relativism.
Growing up in Roslyn,I had a very distorted perspective of what Jewish values were.
Many of them too had drifted off course.
Inspirational leaders such as you help people like me find strength to stay as on course as we are able.

Anonymous said...

I am a practicing Catholic. Bill O'Reilly shouldn't say he is Catholic. He is not. A Catholic can not "pick and choose". It's all or nothing. Also, what he did--it's called scandal. Bill can look it up in the Catechism if he actually owns one.

We enjoy your commentary Rabbi.

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