(1998) Rabbi Yehuda Levin electrifies the multitude at the 25th March for Life

With the following words, the Brooklyn pro-life leader challenges "Mr. President" Clinton -- and fellow religious leaders as well
Washington, DC (January 22, 1998)     My grandfather was persecuted in Czarist Russia! My in-laws were in concentration camps! And here I am, a single Orthodox Jew allowed to speak to millions of pro-life Americans. God bless America!
I’m here with five of my children. At any time now we’re expecting our ninth child, God willing. [cheers and applause] Thank you!
Mr. President, as an Orthodox Jew I have the deepest respect for the Presidency. But from this podium, I told you that you would be held accountable. On the 25th anniversary of Roe versus Wade I remind you that it is not merely a coincidence that episodes of Watergate and tapes seem to be repeating themselves a quarter of a century later. It is not merely a coincidence that the Jones deposition and the latest intern scandal occured in the very shadows of the 25th anniversary of Roe versus Wade. God has demonstrated manifestly that immoral behavior leads to cheapening of life and cheapening of life leads to immoral behavior.
Mr. President, the partial-birth abortion murder is nothing new. Pharaoh in Egypt in the book of Exodus ordered the Jewish midwives to partially deliver Jewish babies and if they were male to murder them. Pharaoh! -- I mean, Mr. President Clinton! The Jewish women rejected Pharaoh then and we won’t listen now!
President Clinton! Please inhale NOW and declare: I’ve been wrong on issues of life and morality! I’ve been wrong!
President Clinton! President Clinton, for once lead the country in the direction of respect for life, for God ordained life and morality.
President Clinton! Moses said to Pharaoh, "Let my people go!" And we say to you today: Let our children grow! Let our children live!
Mr. President, my fellow American, these scandals afford you an opportunity to become one of the leading political figures of the American landscape. As surely as religious Americans have been forgiving and welcoming to Dr. Nathanson and Norma McCorvey and others who have turned around on issues of life and morality, America would welcome you Mr. President, if on this very day you were to pull together many of the religious leaders that are here today. Go in front of the microphones, Mr. President. Take responsibility for your personal actions, and your actions on the abortion issue, announcing you wish to dedicate your remaining term to lead a revival, a return to morality and life values. Overnight, Mr. President, you would gain the support of the overwhelming majority of Americans who thirst for moral and political leadership.
President Clinton, find the inner moral fortitude to take this step now for your country and for God Almighty.
To the religious leaders I say we are not entirely innocent of brazen politicians who promote anti-life immorality and still have access to our religious institutions: WE STILL HONOR THEM! We, so to speak, turn the other cheek, emboldening them to persist in their promotion of even sodomy and partial-birth abortion. Our president--the politicians--must be held accountable by us. Let us take an example from Cardinal O’Conner and Bishop Tindlan who prohibited pro-abortion politicians from addressing diocesan events. We must draw a line in the sand and act as religious LEADERS, not as diplomatic politicians, if we want the thirsty flock to be religious followers.
Finally to our friends and allies in the political arena: A woman can’t be a little bit pregnant, and we can’t compromise a little by funding pro-partial-birth murder candidates. If it’s good for the party politics, that’s not enough. We must ask ourselves if GOD would compromise so that we could have more gains in Congress. Would God compromise?
I dare say God would say leave the victory to me, just don’t compromise and do what’s right.
President and Mrs. Clinton! Come back to us today. We’ll leave the light on for you!
We’ll lift our horn of life, to welcome your return!
Thank you, and God bless!
 Transcribed by Tim Broderick

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