Keith Olbermann "Honors" Rabbi Levin and Shows His Video

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Anonymous said...

Rabbi Levin, why is this the sole issue for you, arent there other things to worry about? Is this really what Rabbi Miller had in mind?

Anonymous said...

My guess is no.

Anonymous said...

If only people knew that their support of the Gay agenda is leading the world into a dark episode. I am a high school teacher and know first hand exactly what the curriculum says and does. Most parents are NOT allowed to even know what is going on. It is a subversive technique that is being used under the parents noses. When this started in earnest about 4 years ago. I alerted the parents in the district. They called and displayed their feelings and the gays just wait, they wait until it dies down and another group of kids enter middle school and they start again. The curriculum involves telling the Middle School children to try the lifestyle and then make up their minds. This curriculum is actually written for the teacher of "anti bullying clubs" to actually say to children, who are FORCED to sit in and listen to this garbage. THEY ARE BULLYING THE CHILDREN INTO BEING THERE. Where is the so called Christian groups when you need them.Rabbi Levin speaks the truth and has the bravery to stand up to these vampires. These VAMPIRE people who the gays identify with, are stealing your children. If you want to know where America is heading...just look at the Catholic Church which is now destroyed by the gay priests who FEED ON THE YOUNG. WAKE UP AMERICA.

Larry said...

Anon 11:03: I read your post. Either English is not your first language or you are lying about being a high school teacher.

A product of NYC public schools? *Sigh*

newsflash - those Catholic priests you mention aren't actually gay. just sayin'

Anonymous said...

See Rabbi Sol Solomon's response to Yehuda Levin's latest video rant at Shalomdamm­it.com (top post) or search "Reb Levin" in youtube for the video clip:

Here's a sample of the Rebbe's wisdom:
"We then get that old saw about natural disasters being God’s response to sinners. Usually, this claptrap comes out of the mouths of born-again goyim on Sunday morning TV. Shameful! Not so much for being delusional­, but for pre-emptin­g `Matlock.'­”

Rabbi Sol Solomon's Rabbinical Reflection­s air weekly on the Dave's Gone By radio program.

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