Transcript of Rabbi Yehuda Levin's remarks outside the Greenwich Village Homosexual Club

I hope that homosexuals who call so often for tolerance and respect will demonstrate that they extend this to others.

While I am not holding a dialogue with a group or individuals who identify themselves by their sexual behavior, I do wish to express my compassion for anyone of any inclination who struggles with temptation, whether for pornography, adultery, underage relations, homosexuality, transvestites, transgenders, etc.

My feelings are, thank G-d, I don't have these challenges, and I don't want to diminish the difficult struggle that all of the above categories experience.

Where I draw the line is when people begin to make any of these situations into issues of pride, or when legislation is crafted which would construe religious people as bigots - or haters - who could lose their religious tax status - and have the full force of Federal, State and Local government arrayed against us and our way of life.

Before I continue let me declare here today that I denounce violence against people for any reason. It is prohibited and we condemn it. Whoever thinks that their religion mandates they beat up another group because of their "sin", is wrong and should keep their hands to themselves.

However, if minors or even adults are subjected to unwanted advances they are entitled to do what it takes to defend themselves.

And now I would like to read to you some of the hate-filled emails I received.

From Celeste Zabala: "World War II, the Jewish people were nearly decimated by the Nazis, how are you any different from a Nazi? Your hate is disgusting! I condemn you!

The refined Sheila Wolfe writes: "Who the fuck to you think you are speaking for all Jews? You probably take it up the ass from all the little Yeshiva boys and then talk against homosexuality. Go f-ck yourself!"

The very proud self-proclaimed gay New Yorker, M. Moore sent me: "It's a shame that you didn't choke on that "kosher" salami sandwich. The world would be a much better place if you had."

The peace-loving Stephen Bornstein communicated to me: " You are one of the reasons that there is so much hate in the world. Your filth and other like you is what gave Hitler power. I am sorry your family survived!"

The open-minded Fred wrote: "You are an embarrassment to the entire Jewish Community. Please shut up, who cares what you think. I am 100% sure you are a homosexual yourself and your inner-feelings is what makes you go on the attack. Please stop! We have enough people who hate us, we don't need you to spread your stupid voice. You don't count."

I categorically reject that I used any terminology of rancor or hatred nor for that matter did Mr. Paladino.

The ones who show hate, a lack of tolerance and bullying are those who shout you down, denigrate your religion, tell you to die, in any number of ways. I come right here to declare the aforementioned accusations that I/we are haters to be the ultimate lie. A Goebbels tactics! You scream at me, curse me, threaten me, all the while shrieking that we religious people are haters. Stop the lying! Grow up. Look in the mirror and see that you are doing exactly what you accuse us of doing.

The fact is that marriage legislation in Massachusetts has led to a Federal Court decision in the Parker case not even allowing a parent to remove their children from a kindergarten class, teaching, no! indoctrinating. and yes, brainwashing! children into accepting all these premises that undermine the religious standards of the child's parents. This may potentially occur in New York State! On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, tahe Jewish New Year, we received a New Year's present. Governor Paterson signed into law the Dignity for All Students Act. Again, Orwellian double-talk.

While one section of this bill specifically indicates it exempts private school students - a second area S3-section 801a rewrites a section of the old law [Assembly Bill AO3661 - Senate Bill S1987B] dealing with instruction in... tolerance... respect for others... awareness, sensitivity... sexual orientation, genders and sexes... This new section does not indicate any exemption for private/religious schools.

This means religious schools will be under the thumbs of the "re-education camp police." This is reminiscent of the infamous re-education camps which were so prevalent in the Communist Soviet Union. Thus, we religious family people in New York see we can not depend on our legislature and we need a Governor who will be sensitive to the needs and values of millions of religious New Yorkers, Christian, Jew, Moslem, etc.

We are requesting that the aforementioned issue be revisited.

Religious children in public schools should not be captives to this indoctrination which contradict their religious heritage. At the very least, parents should have the freedom and choice to have their children opt out.

Secondly, religious and private schools should be totally and undeniable exempt from these re-education police.

Ideally, a law like this which destroys childrens' values is a sneak attack by craven legislators headed by that scandalous embarrassment, Assembly-speaker Sheldon Silver. This law should be reversed.

We ask Messrs. Cuomo and Paladino, to tell us, how they would specifically address our concerns about this brainwashing bill that decimates our religious beliefs and our parental rights to determine out childrens' values without homosexualist interference.

The press should join with us by calling on Mr. Paladino and Mr. Cuomo to thoroughly clarify itemize what they would do for us in this specific situation. We already know what each would do for the homosexuals. This is a chance for either of the candidates - to address a overriding concern and show millions of religious parents throughout the state exactly who is who and what is what!

After we last met on the sidewalk outside the steps of St.Patrick's Cathedral, I was criticized for using that venue for my last press conference. The O.U./Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America apologized for my chutzpah/temerity in calling on the Archbishop to weigh in with Paladino, his adherents and all of us, as to how one should factor in the issues of the homosexual agenda - abortion, etc., when going to vote.

A Mr. Beigelman of the O.U. issued a statement to the religious paper Hamodia, that assessed the umbrage taken by the Archdiocese as so great, it could lead to the reversal of Catholic-Jewish relations, turning back the clock to pre-Vatican II days, fifty some years ago.

Wow, could you imagine that I caused such consternation just for requesting that the Archbishop might follow the leadership template of my friend the late Cardinal O'Conner who used to lead and coordinate inter-religious coalitions which pro-actively fought for family and religious values.

Was I untoward to make this request? If so, I apologize 1000 times. Rabbi Weinrib in the New York Times only criticized the venue and not my content. (I was on the sidewalk, not the steps, and Rabbi Weinrib called it a political protest. I refer to it as a call to holiness). I ask Rabbi Weinrib and Mr. Beigelhead to clarify - now that I'm in front of the Homosexual Club, is it O.K. if I ask the Archbishop, the entire Catholic Conference, O.U. and Agudath Israel to join in a large inter-religious pro-active coalition perhaps hosted by the Archbishop, if he's not still peeved at me for suggesting this. United, together and pro-active, we can save our childrens' education and signal to the craven politicians that we will identify them and hold them responsible.

Parenthetically, some six days after my press conference, the Catholic Bishops issued a voters guide - I'm thrilled and I thank them. Can we, the 850 plus members of the Rabbinical Alliance work with you all on an inter-religious coalition that will tilt the power back where it belongs. Please Your Excellency - lead the largest denomination fully into the fray and all of us will win.

Finally, I wish to announce an address for like-minded decent New Yorkers from across the state to gather - exchange information about evil anti-religious anti-family, legislation and power grabs by power-hungry political panderers to radical homosexual legislation.

We are reconstituting the Religious Family Defense Coalition (RFDC) which will be a website meeting place for clergy and laypeople alike, to inform each other, become educated and activists.

We call upon New Yorkers to access this site. The skeleton is already up, and you will be connected to Godreignoverus.com where you can immediately sign up. Let us begin to gear up for tahe next election.

To the militant homosexuals I say, Leave us alone. You dare not call us haters when you have no evidence. Stop attacking us, verbally with the most vicious obscene type of hate speech. Stop your bullying brown-shirt tactics - applied to Mr. Paladino or anyone else you disagree with. You are victimizing religious leaders and followers, brainwashing our children, and through millionaire homosexual donor Tim Gill who spent over 70 million dollars to promote Homosexualist candidates, you are seriously perverting our political process and prostituting our politicians.

I want everyone to know if violence or bullying or worse happens to me, merely for standing up for the faith value of Sinai, also embraced by nearly two billion Christians and Muslims, it gives lie to the artificial victim status of radical homosexuals and you reveal yourself to be the true haters, bullies and the victimizers.
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