G-D, homosexuality & earthquakes

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Anonymous said...

Yehuda and Pat Robertson: Oh man, gosh - you got me. I am the one behind the earthquake. Yeah, I am the one to blame, all of my gay friends and I were all together working to undermine the moral fabric, and decided to start an earthquake together. Here is how it went down, I called up Mother Nature on my cell phone, called her a big ass ho biatch, stole all of her princess points and then went back home to worship the Devil and listen to rock and roll. Last weekend, I was caught dancing to the Beach Boys in Missouri by the Baptists who accused me of spreading lust and desire for Californication. Next week, all of us gay people are planning to convert all children to be gay: we are having open enrollment and for a low monthly premium, you can get your gay card. Since I am still sick with the perversion of being gay, but my HMO will not cover treatment, so while my coworkers call in sick with the flu, I just call in as gay. I just love your logic....

Anonymous said...

Here on the Looney-Tunes channel: next week FRC Psycho Tony Perkins will get abducted by gay aliens living the gay lifestyle, in a pink spaceship, who, will of course, "experiment" on him, starting with "the probe".

When neo-Texas arch-homophobe Rick Perry took a big fat anus-ripping bloody shit last week after being constipated for two days, yes, all of us gay people actually where secretly to blame, having conspiring to torture him rectally. All of us undercover gay people plotted to consipire with his catering company to secretly sabeutoge his diet.

When Maggie Gallagher's tampon get stuck in her vage due to a heavy flow day with an manfunctioning tampon - yes, all of us gay people conspired - darn, we are that good. Months ago, I was working at the tampon factory and knew in advance (due to my fabulous gay superpowers) which box of rags that would get sold to the store where Maggie shops. I intentionally snuck into the factory and sabeutoged the exact, precise box of tampons that Maggie Gallagher (that I knew in advance) that Maggie was going to buy months later. Maggie, sorry, it was all my fault for you being such a bloody mess.

At Gay Central, we are now working to make sure that there is drought, famine, tornados and unexpected car repairs. I have been working to break up all heterosexual marriages by using my gay superpowers to unravel the moral fabric of the universe by beaming back secret sins which change the moral equation into an unsolvable psychological paradox derived from the original pink spaceship of gay aliens. Blame the gays!!!

Anonymous said...

i am a young jewish man. i have sought my whole life to follow the path of my lord and to listen to those he has deemed worthy enough to speak his words and guide the rest of us on his path toward human kindness, generosity, and the ultimate compassion and forgiveness he has personally given me and others many times over the course of human life. big surprise, i am also gay. NEVER, in all of my life, have a heard such horrific words come from one whom i would call my brother, one who i would love and accept the way i do for all other human beings. my regard for human life and my ultimate respect for the path hashem has shown me would i even think to have the power to pass judgement or make such statements on others the way you have here today. the fact that you consider yourself a Rabbi is a joke. my lord knows, that if any, YOU are the one that has followed the path into the darkness, and that is you continue your vile way you shall forever be lost in the shadow of hate and loathing. i have never been so embarrassed to call myself a jew, but you bring shame on us all. there are thousands of others like me around the world, trying our best to follow the road into the light, to be the living example of our lord on earth, and you disrupt every hardship, loss, and battle that we are doing to move forward on our righteous path. shame on you. shame on you

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are such an asshole.

Anonymous said...

If GOD is punishing the gays, why did he create them? Or if you think gays aren't created and people become gay, then why did GOD allow them to "turn" gay? Rabbi, you are a complete fucking moron asshole.

Anonymous said...

GOD needs to get better representation.

Anonymous said...

God did not create gays or make people turn homosexual, He gave people the freedom to choose. Choices have consequences which God also explained, and for those who don't acknowledge God, consequences are still typically an obvious result of choices.

In the physical location of Sodom, you can see the shadow of a once great city in the ash and sand. You can also walk around and pick up sulfur balls off the ground. It wasn't those who acknowledged and followed God and His Divine and Beneficial teachings who were (or are) speaking in ignorance, using tasteless language. No, those who followed God were reverent, respectful and praying for God's mercy on the Sodomites. But it was the Sodomites who were forceful, rude, and nasty to the peaceful visitors.

Misery loves company, they say, and so does error and "wickedness". Who wants to repent or even admit that they could be in the wrong when they can convince others to mis-use their free-will to join in or force them if they won't choose to? Why repent when its easier to rationalize and demonize those who care?

History is full of of the willfully ignorant who taunt and make fun of those who try to help, encourage, and even warn, but as a stubborn child who is only angry that he's been told not to touch the hot stove, chooses to touch it anyway, then turns on the warner and blames him for the injury he caused to himself, so it is in these comments. You missed the point; God isn't punishing Gays, He's warning us all that we need to make corrections in our course and re-evaluate how we're using our free will. Sodomy is still sodomy no matter how the "enlightened" wish to paint it. Maybe the rabbi should take the position that if someone wants to eat poison berries he should let them do so to their hearts content and ultimate peril, after all, wouldn't want to offend anyone with truth.

Loving one's neighbor is not an anything goes idea, it is an idea that says that we love one another in a way that is caring and helpful... That means if we see our neighbor headed for injury, loss, or peril, we try to warn them, not because we're judging them, but because we're loving them... even if they can't or won't see it.

God's people in Sodom, and Noah and his family cared deeply for their neighbors, they loved them, and they wanted them to live, and that love was returned to them in sneers, insults, intolerance, and forceful behavior.

Just as gays are free to choose their lifestyle, so is the Rabbi and others who choose otherwise, and while the Rabbi expresses his concerns, and doctors report the health hazards of sodomy, both advising against sodomy, gays are ridiculing, insulting, forceful and intolerant.... much like they were in Noah and Lot's day, and that, like sodomy stinks to high Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Every word the rabbi speaks is true

Anonymous said...

Solidarity Rabbi! Your words are truth, and thank you for speaking out against deviant and immoral behavior! I also respect, admire and appreciate your pro-life stand! God bless and keep you!

Anonymous said...

Please explain to me what is a "gay lifestyle"? Do all gay people live the same way? If being gay is a "choice", then please tell us exactly when you choose to be heterosexual, under what circumstances and please provide your detailed homosexual and heterosexual experiences that factored into your decision?

Explain how it is possible for a person to "choose" what and who they are attracted to?

Is it possible for you to choose love and acceptance versus judgment and evil? What if you might be wrong because you missed the big picture, that God is love, not the stone-cold hearted petty judgments of man?

Why did God then create animals across the entire spectrum, which also bond in both heterosexual and homosexual pairs? Do you go out and proletize against homoerotic animals too? Do you see other animals creating artificial social constructs of discrimination against each other based on their sexual orientation?

Why do you paint the story of Sodom with a broad brush when the story is about heterosexual rape, not same-gender monogamous couples in a lifelong commitment to each other? If you make the blind assertion that "all gay people are just premiscous and only want sex" (which is based on speculation, not the research), then what exactly are you doing to support LGBT relationships so that gay and lesbian people are not premiscious but instead do form lasting and caring relationships? Are you a part of the solution, or another talking head of hot air?

Explain to me about the health hazards of being a monogamous couple in a lifelong, committed relationship, whether opposite or same gender?

If you find LGBT monogamy to be idealistic, then where are you in part of the solution? Are you truly foolish enough to believe that millions of gay people are going to just walk back into the closet and marry the opposite sex because of your rhetoric? Or do you just get off punishing and condemning others to self-elevate yourself?

Explain to me the logic behind YOUR choices?

Behind your rhetoric, where is your research? What are your credientials? What are your basis beside regurgitating social bias within a framework of spiritual violence?

Anonymous said...

I think Rabbi Levin is a talmid chochum and a musmach from the great Rabbi Avigdor Miller. I believe that he is moshiach and he will save us from the gehenim we are in. We must all put our support behind Rabbi Levin and donate money and join together and proclaim him to be the yeshuah of our time. Thank you Harav Yehuda Levin. Moshiach is supposed to come from Shayvet Yehuda and Rabbi Levin's first name is Yehuda think about that.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so obsessed with gay people?

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