Rabbi Levin on the Front Page of Aol

The link goes to this video posted on the huffingtonpost:

Link to the original unedited video.
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Anonymous said...

Rabbi Levin, Please answer this question, If you think the homosexuals are being punished for the way that they behave, (In the form of the earthquake we just experienced) which no one died thank god, than what are the hasidic jews doing that little Lieby Kletzky got murdered the way he did.

Anonymous said...

G-d bless you Rabbi, Yehuda, "they couldn't wait until Monday, they made sure to open the doors on Saturday!", perhaps, you will come to mind,as the almighty's wrath unfolds on New York, call it Mother Nature,if you will. May the almighty keep you safe and sound. Many don't realize that it's far harder to be good and advocate G-d's laws, oppose to being quiet and letting things slip by, then we will truly be punished.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to all, especially to the amazing Rabbi, who is a voice for all people, of all races, colors and creeds. I am baffled by the first anonymous response, what are the Hasidic doing, in regards to the beautiful boy, late Lieby Kletzky, that was so tragically murdered! let me tell you what they are doing, worshipping G-d, as they always have been doing, as their faith will never diminish, from the lord's actions, as they for live to honor the almighty, their faith tells them to believe in, " he knows what we don't know!" One doesn't question G-d, nor tries to make an outright sin compensate or justify what the almighty ordained!!

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that only the comments that are posted by radical moron assholes such as yourself remain on this blog and the posts that are critical of your twisted fucked up beliefs are removed. I hope you die a slow painful death, you scumbag piece of pig shit.

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