Brooklyn, NY - Rabbi Levin Criticizes NJ Gov For Appointing Gay Judge

Brooklyn, NY - A pro-family Orthodox Jewish rabbi is concerned that a potential Republican vice-presidential candidate has appointed an open homosexual to his state’s supreme court.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) has announced he will nominate Bruce Harris to one of the two openings on the state’s high court. But he has also told legislators that he would veto a proposed Senate bill legalizing same-sex “marriage” in the state. He is encouraging those who support such unions to let the New Jersey voters decide.
“Let’s put the question of same-sex marriage on the ballot this fall in the hands of the people, the time when the most people will be voting—the presidential election year,” he urged.
But New York City Rabbi Yehuda Levin says something is wrong with Christie appointing the homosexual judge, then calling for the people to decide the issue.
“You’re either with us or against us; you can’t be halfway,” he contends. “And Christie is not a strong social conservative. He’s a social moderate, and this is unacceptable.”
Levin is also concerned that Christie, who is a supporter of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, has already been mentioned as a possible running mate for the former Massachusetts governor.
“This is Romney’s friend. He’s doing just like Romney—everything short of homosexual ‘marriage,’” the rabbi notes. “Romney has to be defeated at any cost, or we know what kind of Supreme Court nominees he will appoint and how that will impact on our country for decades to come.”
Levin believes a Romney-Christie ticket would be focused on the economy, but he says no amount of financial tinkering can save a country that is morally bankrupt.

Source: VIN

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