Message to Y Love

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Unknown said...

Yasher koach... it was well said with love.

Anonymous said...

Some questions for you, Rabbi Levin:
1. What do you think caused you to be heterosexual?
2. When and how did you first decide you were heterosexual?
3. If you've never slept with a person of the same sex, how do you know you wouldn't enjoy it?
4. Is it possible that your heterosexuality stems from your neurotic fear of people of the same sex?
5. Isn't it possible that your heterosexuality is a phase that you might grow out of?
6. If heterosexuality is normal, why are the majority of mental patients heterosexual?
7. Isn't it true that heterosexuals have been responsible for the downfall of most Western civilizations?
8. To whom have you disclosed your heterosexual tendencies? How do they react?
9. Your heterosexuality doesn't bother me as long as you don't force it upon me. Why do you feel compelled to seduce others into your own sexual orientation?
10. Have you ever tried to seek therapy for your heterosexuality?
11. Why do you have to advertise your heterosexuality publicly? Can't you just keep it to yourself and your private life, to hide your shame? Why do you have to be a poster-boy? Can't you do what the Rambam says, dress yourself in dark clothing, commit your sin, and come back to society? You don't have to bring down society to the lower levels.

Satire aside, Rabbi, as a Jew I truly believe what you are doing here by singling out a single person for a general rant, is an egregious act of lashon hara, and I wouldn't be fulfilling my responsibility as a Jew if I didn't tell you.

Anonymous said...

Theres no women in the video I think, it's dudes in drag including Ylove, or maybe all of them is Ylove, yeah I know thats a whole 'nother problem but just saying

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Levin,

The reason why people go to these extremes, as you said, is because they are made to feel like there are no moderate options. If a person admits he is gay, many in his own frum community may shun him as a proponent of "the gay agenda." He may never be treated the same as the rest, and few if any will invite him for a shabbos meal. He may lose his closest friends and family forever just for unburdening his deepest and most interminable struggles just once. The knowledge and fear of these consequences may hang over his head every day of his life from puberty--or earlier--on(for me since age 10). And even if he would want to maintain a private personal relationship, the reality of frum life in a frum community simply doesn't allow this as an option. He may go his whole life in fear that any day others may find out his deep dark secret and alienate him and, in some cases, treat him like a sex offender. As i recall, you yourself suggested in a letter to the editors of the Jewish Press that chemical castration, as applied to sex offenders in some European countries, may be a viable solution to uncontrollable homosexuality. As a frum gay Jew who is currently celibate but struggles daily to feel normal and wants more than anything to share a life, the only one he will ever get, with one other person, I was deeply disturbed upon reading your letter for many reasons, but most of all for its apparent lack of basic sympathy, for your public disregard for the physical and psychological safety of someone else's child--for your fellow Jew. I will never for the rest of my life forget that letter. Is it really any wonder that Y-Love behaved in such an "extreme" manner under such extreme circumstances, circumstances which you you yourself have become infamous for vocally perpetuating and exacerbating?

Moshe said...

If I remember correctly, Rabbi, it was you who compared gays in Israel to the Holocaust. It defies logic then how you can be surprised that a person as dignified as Y-Love rebels against the form of religion of which you have appointed yourself spokesperson. You have railed against gays in our community with such virulent and hateful rhetoric, and then have the chutzpa to post a video wondering why a gay person has left your company?
Perhaps you should go back to Yeshiva and relearn the principals of tzadakah v'chesed.

Undercover Kofer said...

Dude. You seriously think he is coming back? He is happy to have left this suffocating world with its outlandish rules and dress codes.

Why don't you reconsider the stone-age beliefs that you have instead of telling other people what they should do?

Homosexuality is not just an inclination like loshon hora, it is his hard-wired sexual orientation. He struggled long enough, accept your losses and move on.

Anonymous said...

There are no biological women in that video...

Anonymous said...

"holy Jewish clothing" ?!?!? Yeah, the clothing of ancient persecutors of Jews, the Polish "nobility" of the past, this is sooo holy?

Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment to Converts, Y-L was trying to find a place within a people, and he has found it, just be sure it is not with us... He was born this way, he knew it when he converted, therefore he is not a child of the covenant.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Jewish, have never heard of Rabbi Levin until now but I think his message to Y-love is spot on.

Regarding the comment by Undercover Kofer . . . while there is no scientific proof that "homosexuality is a hard-wired orientation" it could very well be true. However, how does this change anything in terms of what G-d has commanded? I'm hard-wired to want to have sex with many women yet that doesn't change G-d's moral law towards me.

Anonymous said...

If you aint walking in love ur hating.

Anonymous said...

can someone post the message again bc its not coming up on the screen

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