Gay 'Marriage' in Israel: Worse than Holocaust - Will Cause Terrorism Warns Rabbi Levin

By John-Henry Westen

BROOKLYN, NY, November 21, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In an interview today, LifeSiteNews.com spoke with Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the Special Emissary to Israel for The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada and The Rabbinical Alliance of America, about the Israeli' High Court of Justice's ruling today that homosexual couples married abroad will be registered as married couples in Israel.

Rabbi Levin recently returned from Jerusalem, where he represented over 1,000 Rabbis in a coalition of Christians, Jews, and Muslims who successfully stopped a homosexual WorldPride parade from taking place in the Holy City. He drew a link between the movement behind the parade and the 'marriage' decision. "My first reaction is 'I told you so, I warned you, I said this wasn't about a parade, it wasn't about an international convention, it was about the homosexualization of the Holy Land and by extension the Middle East," he said.


The internationally respected Rabbi warned, "This is a direct threat to people around the world and especially the Americas." He explained, "Certain elements of the Muslim international community have been waiting to be able to point fingers at the relationship between Israel and America to be able to state that America has exported the worst part of Western culture to Israel as a portal to this section of the world - the Middle East."

"Consequently, I am fearful," he continued, "that at some point they will be able to defend their use of terrorism against American citizens throughout the world by saying that the ugly American has now exported their ugliness into the Middle East."


Rabbi Levin was critical of the slowness of Christian leaders, particularly in America, to challenge the Israeli leadership's support for the homosexual agenda. "I feel very clearly that there is a star-struck attitude on the part of Christian leadership when it comes to Israeli leadership," he said.

He noted that while vocal on the land-rights of Israel, several Christian groups have been slow to protect Israel from the homosexual agenda. "It is far worse to allow the homosexualization of the Holy Land than to give back land to the Arabs," Levin told LifeSiteNews.com.


Rabbi Levin stressed the severity of the situation saying: "There is something worse than taking an innocent person and exterminating them in this world, and that is when you take a person and exterminate him in this world and in the next world. You do that by bringing him into licentious sin. That way you are killing him, as our Rabbis taught in the Talmud over two millennia ago, you kill the person in this world and in the next world by bringing him into licentious sin whether its adultery, or other perversion or homosexuality, sexual sin. That is worse than killing."

While he stressed that this would never excuse any type of genocide or holocaust, he added: "Therefore on a certain level, even anti-Semitism that leads to the destruction of the Jewish people, is not the ultimate evil. The ultimate would be to take the Jew, or anybody else, and attempt to destroy them spiritually. That would be the ultimate holocaust."


"In as much as this is a Jewish struggle, for everyone who finds the Holy Land holy it is obligatory on them around the world to rally together with the forces who stand for morality," said Levin. "It is essential for Christian leadership in America to take strong action."

Rabbi Levin told LifeSiteNews.com that he has been working with Christians and even Muslims on the issue in Israel. "Because of the threat of worldwide homosexualization of the world," he said, "it is imperative that forces of faith across religious boundaries, that devout Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews and even Muslims, work together in as broad a coalition as possible to protect God's standards."

Rabbi Levin explained that the threat was coming not only from homosexual activists but from "homosexualists, meaning people who are not necessarily homosexual but are pushing the agenda, because somehow it gives them a kosher stamp of approval to be involved in heterosexual misbehaviour."


"If people of faith are serious enough then there's a hope to stem the tide of immorality," Rabbi Levin told LifeSiteNews.com. "But if we turn the other cheek to this evil, then we will all suffer worldwide. Because as the holy land goes, so by extension, will other areas of the world go. It will incur God's wrath."

"Fight with every fibre of your being the spiritual holocaust," he said, "which is robbing the values of the Jewish people in Israel and of the Christian people worldwide."

He concluded: "The most effective way of showing an opposition to the historic holocaust is to stop the holocaust of the spirit which is being perpetrated by the militant homosexual agenda."

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Delena said...


How can you say that two women or two men being married is worse than over 600 million Jews being tortured, raped and slaughtered?
How is love more horrifying than mass genocide? How does it cause terrorism other than the murder, rape and psychological torment that people like you put us as gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals through? Please, do tell me because I am in utter awe at your ridiculous assumptions.

You absolutely disgust me.

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