International Ecumenical Petition to Pope Benedict XVI

Most Eminent Pontiff,

Rome is on fire from the threat of homosexual marriage legislation; these same forces are promoting the homosexualization of the Holy Land (parades, conventions, adoption, partnership benefits, etc…), and in America, the political panderers have been promoting same-gender marriage and an extensive homosexual agenda. There are currently attempts to pass “Hate Speech” legislation, which would be used to prevent religious people from voicing their deepest convictions.

Nearly 50 million pre-born American babies have been eliminated through legalized abortion post Roe V. Wade. Both the rises of the homosexual culture and the abortion culture are seriously rooted in the pornographic sewage that is pumped out by Hollywood and their like-minded in the print media.


We endorse the vision of Rabbi Yehuda Levin that it is time for religious values to be championed in the street rather than be restricted to the houses of worship and the confessional booths. Too many of the faithful, leaders and followers alike, have surrendered the streets and the common culture to the vicissitudes of craven politicians, social engineers and a corrupting media.

Internationally, society is at the tipping point. There are still more of us than them but the hour is late.

Thus we need to declare our values in the streets. We must serve notice to media and politicians that we will no longer be silent or silenced. We must inspire our youth by demonstrating that our faith must be lived and displayed in the streets seven days a week.

We have a vision of 50 million Americans of all races and backgrounds, of every denomination, banding together to put the politicians on notice: WE WILL BE SILENT NO MORE.

A new spirit of ecumenism based neither on dialogue, nor revisiting history, nor on saving the whales or the “environment”, but rather on saving the babies and making our streets a spiritually wholesome environment.

Thus we join Rabbi Levin and other religious leaders and followers in recognizing the numerical and organizational strength of the Catholic Church and her leader who has so eloquently and steadfastly promoted the family values and respect for life, which is the cornerstone of our survival. Esteemed Pontiff Pope Benedict XVI, we urge you to come to New York as soon as possible to lead a series of outdoor rallies, consisting of people of all faiths, to promote the pro-life ethic and oppose the homosexual political agenda and homosexual marriage. Then lead a one million-person rally in Hollywood and call for the reinstitution of values. We need a return to censorship to combat the pornographic drug addiction of adults and youth alike.

With the eyes of the world upon us, we will G-d willing achieve victory in New York and set the stage for other similar public gatherings of inspiration and education countrywide and worldwide.

Most Eminent Pontiff, please come very soon and very often. You will be joined by other religious leaders and together we can speedily experience a return to the Biblical values that society so desperately needs.

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