Petition to President Bush

Esteemed President Bush:

During the remainder of your term, we urge you to use your bully pulpit to rally Americans to unequivocally support the right to life of the pre-born, champion the biblical values of family without compromise or politics and declare a high profile war against the mind ravaging domestic terrorism of pornography and obscenity in all its forms from print to internet.

Explain to our youth the importance of abstinence, chastity, modesty, holiness, heterosexual marriage, and fidelity. Act as a counter-balance to the political leaders who don’t hesitate to preach and promote the contrary values: Homosexual unions, de facto homosexual marriage, abortion on demand, pornography or internet smut in the name of freedom of expression and the list goes on.

Mr. President, prioritize a vigorous fight against all types of pornography including the Internet variety. If you frequently highlight the Biblical family values uncompromisingly, you will surely be blessed in your personal life with decent G-d fearing grandchildren and G-d will surely honor you and exalt you, giving success to your other endeavors on behalf of our great country.

Please Mr. President, call a series of high-profile meetings in the White House on the aforementioned issues and join upcoming pro-life and family outdoor rallies across this nation and together lets reclaim the streets by promoting the values that made America great.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to whoever put this site up.

Rabbi Levin's oratory is impressive.

I believe that when a person is doing the right thing, he can merit to be aided from above. I think that this is happening here.

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