Carl Palodino Fires Campaign Manager - Hires Rabbi Levin

Carl Palodino jokingly fires his campaign spokesman and hires Rabbi Levin.
Rabbi Levin blesses Palodino
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Rob said...

this is absolutely disgusting! Shame on you homophobic people!

Usual Suspect said...

That's Mr. Homophobic to you Rob! Cockroaches such as yourself usually are disgusted with decency and morality. So what else is new?

Jason Levine said...

What an embarrassment. I'm one Jew that finds it quite disgusting when my fellow brothers try to one-up the taliban.

You are gross, spiritually and otherwise.

By the way, I love how you gave your blessing and endorsement to the man who peddles woman on animal porn. LOL, you are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Hey-it WAS a women and a MALE horse!

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Levin: Keep at your difficult work. Let freedom ring: the basic freedoms of thought and speech. You may wander in the wilderness for a while; after all, many judges would "reason" you are an inciter to hateful action, thereby criminally sanctionable! Why, you must be a promoter of " hate " speech as well as actions.
Your tradition has survived worst events and manias; surely, that tradition can survive, and educate, the present.

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