Shmuely Boteach Homosexualist Apostate

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Anonymous said...

Reb Yehuda
Dear Rabbi Levin
Your proof from the medrash is "Kosvin Kesubah Lezachar"was the reason for the mabul. If I am not mistaken kesubah is a MARRIDGE contract. Thus the dor hamabul did more then just stam "civil unions" that Mamish married men. Abe azoy there's a chilik between "civil union" which is stam an issur d'oraysah and Koysvin KESUBAH l'zachar which brought mabul. Please tell me your thoughts.
AMC(I don't want to say me real name as it might jeperdize my stature in my community which potentially might have parnassah implacations(yes I admit I am weak))

Anonymous said...

Reb Levin

My apologies. Your proof from Sedom was takeh emes.

Cat said...

I always knew Rabbi Shmuley was evil when he became friends with Michael Jackson. He always supported him and praised him. I used to pray Michael Jackson would be killed because of the amount of damage his pedophilia did to children around the world. Rabbi Shmuley was having Saturday night dinners with Michael Jackson and telling him whatever he wanted to hear so he could be a "hanger on" and make some money or fame from him. Rachel Maddow who is the commentator on MSNBC is also a gay who is part of the militant gay agenda, and spends her time making fun of those who don't agree with her.
Thank G-d you have the bravery to stand up to these people who use their religion and twist it to fit their needs. I hope your voice is heard in places that will change things for the better.

Anonymous said...

Rav Levin...

As a Jew, I can say this. You are a schmuck.

Anonymous said...

How dare you speak that way about an accomplished talmud chacham and the Pinchas of our generation!!!! And if you are going to make such an accusation at least back it up with objective evidence.Name calling without substance just prooves your an ignoramus am haaretz!!!!

Rationalist said...

Rabbi, do you stone people for working on the Sabbath, eating at Red Lobster, fornication, worshipping other Gods, defying their parents, imaginary crimes such as witchcraft and wizardry, cursing, blaspheming, etc...??? No?! Well then you're disobeying God's commandments and you're an abomination unto God.

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