Refuting Homosexualist Young Turk Cenk

I present to you Cenk, the Homosexualist Young Turk Commentator, who recieved over 250,000 views (at the time of this posting) of his fallacious pro same gender video message.

(DAH MAH L'HOSHIV... If you live in Marryland, many clergy didn't know this information.)
My response:
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Anonymous said...

God bless you Rabbi,Yehuda Levin, it seems that the normal people, have no rights anymore!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you? How do you feel about the ADL/Abraham Foxman sponsoring the "hate crimes" law?

BTW, I agree with your views wholeheartedly!

Anonymous said...

Rabbi you are sad sad man...

Khani said...

So you agree to leave same sex couples alone when they are allowed to marry?

That's progress! Great stuff :)

I am from Europe btw. Over here the whole debate over these issues (and there are a few here you don't have in the US) strikes me as far more civilized.

In the Netherlands there is a right for homosexual or bisexual men and women to marry in whatever one on one union they see fit and so far it didn't cause anything I believe you'd regard as societal problems.

I'd love tio take the whole marital contract out of state governance altogether. I prefer to see it as a private matter, right?

Do however note that another feature of my society is a dramatic decrease in church attendance, and conservative religious values. Conservatism is on the rise here but it sure isn't religious. (Unless you count Islam obviously, but let's not get into that.)

My stance on this is considerable enthusiasm. I have been pestered considerably in my youth my offensive proselytizing for monotheistic causes. Luckily I was spared Judaism - there are so few jewish inclined people left here, these people are not part of the social makeup and they have gone mostly in a state you so prefer "keeping their personal statements and behaviour to themselves". Poor things they have been through so much.

I think this is considerable progress - when humans beings can freely select their values from a range of values on offer in society and can rationally choose (without being bullied by me, you or nazi's or anyone else) to select what works for him or her or it.

The best society is a well-educated society where people are enlightened to enough to know 'for themselves' and do not have to be extensively lectured.

I am delighted it turns out you agree, but I am not so sure we'd eventually end up in the society you so prefer if people were free to choose. :)

And do read more books! Your will be quieter when you do.

Krunkaslona said...

Hey Rabbi in the first line of this post you misspell an English word. Do you need some teaching? Lemme know... and I'm so sad to hear that Allah's semen with AIDS is in your anus. Awwwww... so sorry. I'll pray for you.

That you die soon! LOL!!! I ain't like goddamn dang ol' Yankees up yonder. Yee haw!!! I love my Texas Jewish friends down here, though, funniest and most soulful but soulless cunts like you need to die.


Anonymous said...

you are fucked up! Stop the chilul hashem that you are bringing on klal yisroel! may ha'shem repay you for all the damage you've done, asshole!!

Anonymous said...

burn in hell you piece of shit

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rabbi -- now think about how many people gay and straight you have just given a reason to hate us even more than we are already detested.

A Jew

Anonymous said...

A modern midrash. The rabbi of a major congregation announced that he was not going to renew his contract with the schule because he wasn't being paid enough to raise his growing family. Immediately a wealthy congregant stood up and said - "I'm a general contractor, I will donate whatever is needed to build him a larger home to raise his family". Then another member said: "I own a car dealership and will give the rabbi and new mini van for his wife to transport his kids, and new car for the rabbi himself!" Not to be outdone, a old lady stood up and said: "I will give the rabbi sex!" Astonished her friend sitting next to her said " Are you out of your mind, what are you saying?" To which she replied: "well I asked to my husband what should we give the rabbi? and he said "FUCK THE RABBI!" ....

So here's to you Rabbi!

Anonymous said...

Yehuda Levin must be forgiven, when inbreeding happens it brings out all those recessive traits.Not to mention they wear those heavy dark clothes and the B O is just to much to handle, so the fumes and the stench is enough to drive anyone nuts

Anonymous said...

What the heck is a "homosexualist"? Cenk is a decent, honest guy who cares about equality.

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